Sweater Weather Plant Based Meal Plan

Sweater Weather Vegan Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans

Snuggle into your favorite sweater and dive into this plant based meal plan. Sweater Weather features delicious fall flavors and is a great way to welcome cooler temperatures.

What’s on the gourmet menu this week

Sweater Weather Fall Plant Based Meal Plan
Rustic Tomato & Artichoke Soup and Deviled Potato Salad

Our Rustic Tomato & Artichoke Soup is a hearty, flavorful soup brimming with chickpeas, barley, and veggies. Served with Deviled Potato Salad, it’s a knockout, family-pleasing dinner.

Sweet Potato Mash with Savory Autumn Chickpeas, Garlicky Lemon Sauce & Apple Slaw

Mashed sweet potatoes are smothered in well-seasoned, saucy chickpeas and topped with a crisp apple slaw in our Sweet Potato Mash with Savory Autumn Chickpeas, Garlicky Lemon Sauce & Apple Slaw. It’s holiday-worthy and bursting with fall flavor. Yum!

 Toasted Pear & Almond Cheese Sandwich and Crisp Sesame Snap Peas

Grilled cheese gets a makeover with the Toasted Pear & Almond Cheese Sandwich. Satisfyingly crunchy snap peas are a fun side to this easy, delicious dish.

Loads of veggies, walnuts, olives, and Garlicky Lemon Sauce turn the Mediterranean Bean & Barley Bowl and Toasted Baguette into a memorable meal with family appeal. 

 Creamy Pumpkin-sauced Rotini with Roasted Mushrooms & Chickpeas

The Creamy Pumpkin-sauced Rotini with Roasted Mushrooms & Chickpeas is not to be missed. Tossing mushrooms in a savory marinade before roasting infuses them with deep, meaty flavor, making them the perfect topping to cheesy pasta. You’ll wish you made extra.

Fall in love with plant based meals

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Simple Sweater Weather plant based meal plan

Simple Sweater Weather will save you time in the kitchen that you can spend celebrating the season change. Don’t worry. These quick meals are still satisfying and delicious. The Garlicky Lemon Pasta Bowl is comfort by the forkful.

Simple sweater weather vegan plant based meal plans

Simple plant based recipes include:

  1. Savory Spanish-style Potato & Kale Soup
  2. Autumn Chickpeas & Apple Quinoa Bowl
  3. Toasted Pear & Almond Cheese Sandwich
  4. Spiced Pintos & Poblanos Tacos
  5. Garlicky Lemon Pasta Bowl

Grab your sweater

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