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Our Sweary Saturday Love Letters are written by our ex-boozer, ex-smoker, plant-loving co-founder, Molly Patrick.

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molly and her nephew finn

Feeding My Meat and Cheese Loving 20-year-old Nephew


Easy Chia Seed Very Berry Jam

Molly asks "would you rather have it suck now or suck later?"

Would you rather have it suck now or suck later?

crispy Tofu Nuggets recipe

Oil-Free Crispy Tofu Nuggets

12 Things Plant Fueled Life Can Do that a Cookbook Can't

12 Things Plant Fueled Life Can Do that a Cookbook Can’t

vegan potato salad recipe

Classic Plant Based Potato Salad

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Hi, I'm Molly Patrick

Co-Founder and CEO.

Life is wildly messy, deliciously complicated, and beautifully unpredictable. Understandably, this makes our human experience rather challenging.

When we feel good, feel strong, and are able to love ourselves in all of our imperfect perfection, we can navigate any challenge that comes our way with grace, humor, strength, and understanding.

Clean Food Dirty Girl is here to help you feel good, feel strong, and celebrate human imperfection. We created Plant Fueled Life to support you in all of your goals.

Welcome to the party.

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This isn't about avoiding food you love.
This is about loving food that you don't want to avoid.

~ Molly Patrick

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