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plant fueled life vegan oil free recipes

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plant fueled life vegan oil free recipes
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What our members say

They rave about the recipes, sense of community, and zest for life they discovered. 

Plant Fueled Life has been there for me in all the seasons of my life. Cooking and eating this way has taught me how to truly take care of myself, on a deep level. 

Elizabeth Anne Hall
Elizabeth Anne Hall Member since 2017

Plant Fueled Life is the best, most comprehensive guide to preparing the healthiest, yummiest breakfasts, lunches and dinners on the planet. Its plant based power at your fingertips!

Sue Phillips
Sue Phillips Member since 2022

Plant Fueled Life fundamentally changed my relationship with food. I feel good and am excited about the food I batch each week. I can always find crowd pleasing dishes to contribute to potlucks and family gatherings.

Lori Shah
Lori Shah Member since 2019

Thanks to Plant Fueled Life, I use ALL of my kitchen gadgets.

Beth Taylor
Beth Taylor Member since 2021

I feel like an absolute rockstar when I’ve got a week of batched Plant Fueled Life meals in the fridge. No change in our lifestyle has been more impactful - or rewarding - than subscribing to Plant Fueled Life.

Lou Ann Traster
Lou Ann Traster Member since 2020

Plant Fueled Life has been a game changer for me. The simple plans are perfect for my lifestyle! I simply crave all the plants now!

Dana Wilson Hendley
Dana Wilson Hendley Member since 2020

I just have to say that I LOVE the new portal. Many thanks to team Clean Food Dirty Girl! For those on the fence, it so so worth the investment!

Monica Sirois
Monica Sirois Member since 2019

The sounds I make when I eat these recipes make my wife giggle. I’ve purchased many vegan cookbooks & many other meal plans…but this is by far the best food I’ve ever eaten.

Sara Wells
Sara Wells Member since 2022

Just here to say that there's a virtual GOLD MINE in the coaching replays. The impulsive dreamer I am needs to learn the simple but mind-blowing FACTS that Molly lays out.

Sarah Christine
Sarah Christine Member since 2022

Plant Fueled Life has been the best whole food plant based resource for me and kick started a whole new way of eating, thinking and feeling!

Erin Regan
Erin Regan Member since 2018

Love the recipe vault. I just looked in the fridge to see what to cook tonight. Head of cauliflower and bag of spinach. Plugged it in and voila cauliflower Mac and cheese with spinach popped up. Worries over.

Chris Naylor
Chris Naylor Member since 2022

Plant Fueled Life changed my perspective on food and body image in ways I wish I saw growing up.

Yulia Turner
Yulia Turner Member since 2019

Plant Fueled Life has ruined restaurants for us - the food is that good!

Susan Larsson
Susan Larsson Member since 2021

The only reason I’ve been able to stick to a WFPB diet is because of Clean Food Dirty Girl.

Christine Austin
Christine Austin Member since 2022

The food is so delicious, the team is helpful, and the Facebook community is so friendly and fun!

Juanita Franklin
Juanita Franklin Member since 2021

Plant Fueled Life has taken me from Zero to Hero in the kitchen!!!

Samantha Farrugia
Samantha Farrugia Member since 2017

Plant Fueled Life recipes make us feel like we are eating at a gourmet vegan restaurant every night!! There's nothing out there that compares to them!

Susan Lamping
Susan Lamping Member since 2020

The Wizard Plans are amazing and eliminates decision fatigue for me!

Erin Kaminsky
Erin Kaminsky Member since 2019

I’m an omni girl, and I LOVE this food. Plant Fueled Life has inspired me to get back into the kitchen!

Lisa Barnhill Peterson
Lisa Barnhill Peterson Member since 2021

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