Give Yourself Some Love, Perfection Doesn’t Exist + Whole Food Plant Based Dijon Lentil Salad


Luanne was combing through our blog earlier this week. I don’t know what she was doing, but she’s Asian so I assume it involved search engine optimization and/or code. As she was working, just going at her keyboard with ravenous delight, she randomly announced that our website is completely responsive so I shouldn’t worry about that. [Read more…]

Superfoods Are Awesome, But Let’s Get Some Perspective + Walnut Lentil Soft Tacos


It was a classic chia eating, kombucha drinking new age cafe scene. The type that makes you feel like the cool pill was passed around right when you got up to take a piss so you missed out.

We sat around a wooden table made out of repurposed barn, and then painted with what I can only imagine was paint made from beetroot and used veggie oil. I never got confirmation on the paint, but I’d be willing to bet a couple ounces of raw cacao nibs that I nailed it. [Read more…]

We ALL do Stuff That we Know is Bad For us + Raw Vegan Lasagna Recipe


The night draped her in a blanket of black, but from where I was sitting I could see her face being lit by the orange flicker of flames.

It was a cold November night and there were 5 or 6 of us gathered around a fire. There were no chairs, so we sat on the cold dusty ground. We could have gone inside the house, but there’s a certain rugged freedom that comes with being outside at night, bundled up around a fire that we didn’t want to forgo. [Read more…]

My Apology on Behalf of Judgmental Vegans + Cucumber Pasta Recipe


I’m making today’s fuckery short and sweet for one reason and one reason only. And this is the very first time I’m making it public.

I’m in the middle of creating an intensive 8 week step by step course to heal food addiction and rewire people’s relationship with food.

I plan to launch in six weeks, and in order to make that happen, the only things you’ll find me doing for the next 40+ days is eating, shitting, sleeping, and creating. [Read more…]