Our designs are one of a kind and exclusively hand-drawn for Clean Food Dirty Girl by fashion illustrator Cristina Tudor. Cristina describes her inspiration behind the designs.



I'm Cristina Tudor, the artist behind the Clean Food Dirty Girl T-shirts designs. I'm a Los Angeles-based illustrator and the creator of ct-sketches where I chronicle my journey as a fashion illustrator, T-shirt designer and portrait painter. I am very passionate about creating and bringing beauty into the world! It gives me great pleasure to bring joy and happiness to people by telling their personal stories in a visual way, through my watercolor art.

I am also an architect by training, and my demanding work in the challenging field of architecture often led to unhealthy food choices in the past. A few years ago I started creating a better balance in my life, including eating more plant-based foods. And so I've come to discover and follow Molly Patrick and Clean Food Dirty Girl!

Molly's recipes and compelling stories have inspired me in more ways than one: one weekend, as I made Molly's cheesy sauce, I was inspired to paint this portrait of her using plant-based whole foods, including her yummy cheesy sauce! This was one of those great moments when things I am passionate about, like painting and healthy eating in this case, converge in the most amazing ways!

And the rest is history: Molly, Luanne and I connected, and a wonderful collaboration was born between Clean Food Dirty Girl and ct-sketches! I hope you enjoy wearing and using the merch as much as I did creating them.

Much love,