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My dear, please consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medication.


Not only did Andrea reverse type 2 diabetes, but she also transformed her relationship with food and got off antidepressants

Isn’t her plant based glow gorgeous? She reversed type 2 diabetes without medication and was able to begin healing lifelong trauma in just five months by eating plants. Andrea also got off antidepressants and antianxiety medications (with her doctor's guidance, of course). Andrea’s total transformation is so inspiring.
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Brandy's doctor warned her of a grim future if she didn't change her diet

After an excruciating bout of pancreatitis, Brandy turned a corner in her life that led her to a plant based diet. In just four months, her blood tests showed a significant drop in LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, she was off insulin, and her A1C had decreased by over four points.
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After three months on a plant based diet, Carole’s lab numbers improved, and she found relief from chronic inflammation

Carole was overweight and was picking up new diagnoses left and right. Even though she was skeptical that a plant based diet could really help, she committed to our meal plans after getting an ultimatum from her doctor. Now she’s glowing with health, nomming on plants, and loving it!
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Jules avoids a liver biopsy after adopting a plant based lifestyle

After switching to plants, Jules’s A1c improved for the first time in six years and is now at normal non-diabetic levels, his blood pressure is managed on half his former medication and he’s been able to cut his diabetes meds completely. He’s lost 40 pounds and was able to avoid a liver biopsy or diabetes meds. He and his wife, Samantha, embraced a plant based lifestyle and they love the results and the food!
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Jamie reverses the trajectory of type 2 diabetes and the whole family benefits

With a strong family history of diabetes and after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Jamie felt it was time to change. After just three months of following our plant based meal plans, Jamie’s A1C dropped from 7.2 to 5.8, and she tapered off her medication. Her hubby lost 65 pounds, and her kids are enjoying time with mom in the kitchen.
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Steve manages his type 1 diabetes and sparks the curiosity of medical professionals

Steve Decker reduced his blood glucose by 40% simply by eating whole plant foods. Steve has been an avid cyclist throughout his adult life and shares the challenges of learning to manage his insulin requirements and exercise regimen to avoid hypoglycemia. His wife, Tessa, shares her tricks for modifying our meal plans to help Steve manage his diabetes. What a power couple!
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Dr. Elina Tomski reverses pre-diabetes with a whole food plant based diet

Dr. Elina Tomski has her own family medical practice in Florida. She was pre-diabetic for five years, despite taking supplements, exercising, and watching her carb intake. Elina heard about the positive effects of eating a whole food plant based diet and, although she was skeptical, she decided to give it a try. Much to her surprise, in just four months she reversed her pre-diabetes and was no longer pre-diabetic. She’s healthier than ever.
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Katie reversed diabetes and gives kudos to our life-changing meal plans

Despite daily exercise and eating what she thought was a super healthy diet, Katie was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and showed signs of being pre-diabetic a few years later. Determined to get her numbers down, she switched to eating a whole food plant based diet and was able to get her hemoglobin A1C down to 5.4 by eating plants, including potatoes and whole-grain pasta.
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Chris reversed type 2 diabetes and lost 100 pounds by adopting a whole food plant based lifestyle and is kicking some serious ass

Chris weighed almost 300 pounds and had an A1C of 11 before deciding to do something about it. He’s been a member for years and is now 201 pounds, with an A1C of 5.1! His journey is inspirational, AND he offers up great batching tips and spills the beans on “Cowboy Caviar.” You’ll love his story.
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