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Foodography by Christine L. June

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  1. Steve says

    Haven’t tried this recipe but wanted to comment on the video.
    This is fucking bizarre.
    Chris could be my twin. In fact I have a twin named Chris.
    My highest documented weight was 287.
    I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 with an A1C in excess of 11.
    I did a lot of dietary improvements and ot my numbers down.
    I went primarily WFPB on July 5 2019. I do still use Field Roast sausage. And Upton seitan
    I feel great.
    Weight in each morning. today 183.4 Latest A1C 4.9 without meds. (Doc doesn’t know yet)
    Haven’t signed up for the meal plans but am batching based on my go-to’s and some of the blog recipes. The freezer is full and i probably don’t need to shop for a month.

    • Team Clean Food Dirty Girl says

      Steve! Thank you for sharing! Way to turn things around in FOUR months eating all the plants! Wow!! Your doctor is sure to be impressed and ask questions – you are in a unique position to inspire your doctor to be inspired about the power of plants. That can only help more people. So, way to go YOU! It sure sounds like you have a system down and thumbs up on batching the blog recipes. Keep doing what you are doing. If the time comes when you feel like you need more variety or you don’t want to worry about the planning part, the meal plans have got you covered. All the best in your journey to your best health! ~Karen

      • Steve says

        To be clear this was a two and a half year transition. First a dietary overhaul and then continual cleaning. Plenty of exercise as well. Going predominantly WFPB was really just the logical destination.

  2. Nadia Beckman says

    5 stars
    I’d give this recipe ten stars if I could! We had the meatloaf for dinner last night, and it was excellent. This was an amazing way to use up leftovers. I didn’t have any avocados on hand, so I left them off. It. Was. Amazing. The best sandwich I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for this recipe, I’m making another batch of meatloaf tonight so that I can eat these again tomorrow!

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