Health Makeovers

My dear, please consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet or medication.

Weight Loss

Lisa avoided weight loss surgery and recovered from food addiction

When Lisa realized she was unable to play with her son, she decided to make a change. This led to her adopting a whole food plant based lifestyle. She’s lost over 135 pounds and has gained a healthy relationship with food. Most importantly, she is having the time of her life keeping up with her son.
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Jules avoids a liver biopsy after adopting a plant based lifestyle

After switching to plants, Jules’s A1c improved for the first time in six years and is now at normal non-diabetic levels, his blood pressure is managed on half his former medication and he’s been able to cut his diabetes meds completely. He’s lost 40 pounds and was able to avoid a liver biopsy or diabetes meds. He and his wife, Samantha, embraced a plant based lifestyle and they love the results and the food!
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Jeff Loses Weight and Batch Cooks For His Family of Seven

Get inspired by Jeff's no-excuses attitude. In May 2019, he made the decision to take his health back after slowly killing himself by eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) and drinking alcohol moderately. He switched to a whole food plant based diet and has not looked back. He lost 95 pounds in 189 days and has never felt better!
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Chris reversed type 2 diabetes and lost 100 pounds by adopting a whole food plant based lifestyle and is kicking some serious ass

Chris weighed almost 300 pounds and had an A1C of 11 before deciding to do something about it. He’s been a member for years and is now 201 pounds, with an A1C of 5.1! His journey is inspirational, AND he offers up great batching tips and spills the beans on “Cowboy Caviar.” You’ll love his story.
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Amanda Turns Her Life Around After Her MS Diagnosis, Loses Weight, Improves Blood Pressure

Amanda is on her whole food plant based journey, navigating her mid-20s after years of blood pressure medicine, steady weight gain and dealing with painful cystic acne. She relied on fast food to the point that she would visit multiple drive-thrus in a day. Watch our heart-to-heart below and get ready to be inspired!
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Leah rocks a whole food plant based diet after her weight loss surgery

After eating meat for every meal in the months following her weight loss surgery, Leah’s body gave her signs that something wasn’t right. She started searching for answers and went down the rabbit hole which led her to Clean Food Dirty Girl. Leah shares that her bouts of vomiting post-surgery went away as soon as she removed meat from her diet. She let go of counting calories and macronutrients and is now thriving on the very foods that her doctors warned against. She even shares how she still enjoys her comfort foods.
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