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The sounds I make when I eat these recipes make my wife giggle. I’ve purchased many vegan cookbooks & many other meal plans…but this is by far the best food I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. Everyone needs a piece of the CFDG Plant Fueled Life!!! Flavors are on point, nothing has to be choked down, & I’m always full. ✌️🖤🌱

Sara Wells
Satisfied is an understatement

Holy bank account, Batman! I must be building up my pantry! This is my 3rd week of batching (2 servings). My grocery bill went from $100 to $70, and now I just batched #Cuba for under $50. Just do it if you’re lurking and on the fence about membership like I was. You will save $20/month on groceries. Take it from an accountant who overanalyzes everything!

Sue Townley McIntire
Rich in flavor

I was on the typical Standard American Diet and slowly killing myself. I also consumed alcohol about 4-6 days a week. Since that day when I had a slight health scare, I have juiced, eaten strictly WFPB, quit drinking alcohol, work out 7 days a week, and have not and will not look back. I need to be here for them, and this has given me the energy I need, and I have that pep in my step again!!!

Jeff Brewster
High five for health

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