How Mandy Eats Plant Based with a Nut Allergy + Tangy Lime Dressing

How Mandy Eats Plant Based with a Nut Allergy + Tangy Lime Dressing

One of the most common inquiries we receive in our inbox is: How do I eat your plant based Meal Plans with a nut allergy? 

We reply back, gladly linking to our substitution list, providing advice for substituting with different seeds or beans and tofu, depending on the recipe. But, even with help, it can seem like a daunting prospect.

A couple of months ago, I noticed Mandy Maes-Doyle reply to a post in our private Facebook group. The person who posted was worried about batching our Meal Plans because they had a nut allergy. My Badass-Woman Detector went off when I read Mandy’s kind and encouraging reply about her experience eating plant based with a nut allergy. 

I asked Mandy if she would be willing to talk with me for the blog about this. I was stoked when she said yes. It turns out Mandy is working with both a peanut and a tree nut allergy.  She’s figured out how to make our recipes work without “onerous” substitutions.  

In addition to her practical tips, we touch on Mandy’s journey to vegetarianism. borne out of her desire to avoid eating animals and how, over time, she’s realized that cooking is essential to moving away from relying on vegan junk food and towards a more whole food plant based lifestyle for her and her family’s health.

Unexpectedly, Mandy bravely shares her struggle with food addiction and emotional eating and how this journey of nourishing with lots of whole plant foods is helping her lovingly accept her vibrant, beautiful self without being beholden to a number on a scale. 

At the end of our chat, I ask Mandy, “Can you see yourself eating the majority of this kind of food for a long time?”  She replies, “Oh, absolutely. I love the way it makes me feel and I love that I’m being nice to the environment and the animals. And it’s just so yummy.” 

I really enjoyed chatting with Mandy. She is such a sweet soul.  

Here’s a note from Mandy before you watch our chat: 

“Subscribing to the meal plans has been a great experience, even with my nut and peanut allergies. The food is always super yummy and flavorful. I love that I get to eat gourmet food that I can make myself. The recipes are easy to follow, and the food turns out delicious even though I don’t have a ton of kitchen skills. In addition, the Clean Food Dirty Girl family is great, and I always feel supported in the Facebook group.”


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Thank you for chatting with me, Mandy! So good to connect.

How Mandy Eats Plant Based with a Nut Allergy + Tangy Lime Dressing

Tangy Lime Dressing

Makes 1 cup
Author: Molly Patrick


  • ½ cup water
  • ¼ cup coconut aminos
  • 2⅔ tablespoons lime juice
  • 2⅔ tablespoons brown rice vinegar
  • 2⅔ tablespoons sesame seeds


  • Place all of the ingredients into a small jar with a lid.
  • Screw the lid on the jar and shake it up.
  • BOOM. Easiest salad dressing evah!

Wishing you a happy week. May it be filled with making it work for you. 


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  1. Anita on February 5, 2024 at 8:20 pm

    Hi, just made this dressing tonight for a quinoa salad. I doubled all ingredients but the water and subbed vinegar with apple cider vinegar and added about 2 tablespoons of agave. Thank you Yummm.

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