wfpb recipes by Molly Patrick


Sunny Plant Based Meal Plan

Malaysian plant based vegan oil free meal plan

Malaysia Plant Based Meal Plan


Wrap it Up Plant Based Meal Plan

back to basics plant based meal plan vegan oil free

Back to Basics Plant Based Meal Plan

plant fueled life vegan meal plans blissed out

Blissed Out Plant Based Meal Plan

no oil plant based caesar salad dressing

The Benefits of Making Your Own Plant Based Salad Dressing + Plant Based Caesar Dressing (oil-free)


Nutrients That Plant Based Eaters Must be Mindful of (Part 1) – B12, D and Calcium + Calcium-Rich Creamy Amaranth Porridge


I Cried When I Wrote This + Garlicky Lemon Greens (Instant Pot + Stove Top)


Trust Me, You’ve Plant Blocked + Chunky Veggie Stew with Garbanzo Beans


Sarah Went From a Size 14 to a size 4 – Here’s How + Brown Rice Casserole


Transitioning From Vegan to Whole-Food-Plant-Based + Brown Rice and Bean Bowl


How I Got Over My Fear of Public Speaking + Creamy Leek Asparagus Soup