12 Things Plant Fueled Life Can Do that a Cookbook Can’t

12 Things Plant Fueled Life Can Do that a Cookbook Can't

We get requests and suggestions to create a plant based cookbook all the time. We’d be lying if we said we haven’t toyed with the idea. We get it, cookbooks are a staple of most kitchens. They’ve taught people with average cooking skills how to cook restaurant-worthy meals for so long it’s hard to imagine life without them. We certainly have some favorites we’re not planning to get rid of. That said, cookbooks are bound by the limitations of their medium. There are things they’ll never be able to do. Enter: Plant Fueled Life.

Plant Fueled Life Review

We’ve put together a list of 12 things Plant Fueled Life can do that a cookbook can’t. Are there only 12? Definitely not, but this is a great place to start.

First, what is Plant Fueled Life anyway?

Plant Fueled Life is a super-powered, user-friendly website full of thousands of whole food plant based recipes, hundreds of meal plans, and tons of content and support you can’t find anywhere else. Our members have exclusive access, and once they join and experience the recipes, meal plans, and support, they can’t imagine life without it.

1. Portability: access plans and recipes anywhere

Plant Fueled Life is a digital database accessible on any internet-enabled device. You can open the portal from your phone, tablet, or computer, choose a meal plan (AKA Wizard Plan), set your servings, and check off the groceries you already have. Then, you can stop by the grocery store and use your phone to access your grocery list and check off items. Once you get home, you’ll follow the batch cooking instructions and whip up the most delicious whole food plant based food around.

Everything syncs to your account across devices, and you can pull up the portal anytime, anywhere.

2. Scalability: cooking for one or tons is easy with Plant Fueled Life

Cooking for yourself? Cooking for four? Three picky kids and two and a half adults? Need to make twice as much for Monday’s dinner but not Wednesday’s? Plant Fueled Life can handle it. We’ve made scaling easy. With a simple tap, all affected recipes are adjusted, and your grocery list is updated.  

You can even adjust or remove component recipes within a recipe. 🤯

Resetting a Wizard Plan to default servings is super simple, too.

3. Digital grocery lists: say goodbye to the forgotten list and hello to saving time

Real talk: plant based recipes can have a lot of ingredients. Having to copy each one onto a grocery list is a pain that we don’t miss. Not to mention realizing the list is on the kitchen counter after you get to the store. 

Plant Fueled Life creates grocery lists automatically from Wizard Plans or your custom Magic Meal Plans. Plus, you can check things off and add custom entries. Cat food? Add it! Butt cream? Why not? We don’t know your life! Grocery lists are organized by section and include helpful information so you can be confident you’re buying exactly what you need, saving you time and money.

4. Constantly updated: new content every week

Plant Fueled Life currently houses over 280 meal plans and 3,600 recipes, with new meal plans and recipes being added each week. That’s something no cookbook can ever do! All of our recipes are whole food plant based and designed by our in-house recipe developers to be full of phenomenal flavor. Plus, our recipes are written to be easy to follow and tested for reliability.  

5. Powerful search: find what you’re looking for fast 

Squinting at the index trying to figure out if you should be looking under “casserole” or “rice” isn’t our idea of a good time.

Plant Fueled Life allows you to search for recipes by name or by ingredients. Can’t figure out what to do with the dried lentils and that last can of diced tomatoes? Pop it in the search box, and find the perfect recipes for what you already have on hand.

We provide lots of helpful filters to make searching even easier. Not sure what plan you want to make, but you’d prefer something seasonal? Filter your results by whatever season you want. Have a gluten allergy? Easy peasy. We provide allergen filters. Needs something mostly hands-off? Filter by Instant Pot recipes. 

6. Personalization: make the portal your own

Did you love the Hungry Monkey Mountain Cookies you just devoured? Tap the heart icon to easily find it next time. Did you make extra Thai Peanut Sauce from the Mixed Bag Wizard Plan? Add a note. Are your friends sick of hearing about how damn delicious this food is? We’ll listen. Leave a review and rate your faves. And how could we forget? You can create your own Magic Meal Plan, it’s like a digital cookbook authored by you.

Oh, and we provide preference settings so you can save your default number of servings, measurement system, the preferred method of cooking, and even set default allergen filters for recipes. We have members from all over the world who use this daily with ease.

7. Interactive: one-touch customization and checklists

The actual act of cooking with Plant Fueled Life is easier, too. Each instruction step has a checkbox that you can mark off as you work, so you don’t lose your place. If you’re batching a meal plan, marking recipes as completed will sync across your plan, and any recipes you’ve already made will be checked off when you open the portal on your meal night.

You can also quickly toggle between stove top and Instant Pot instructions for recipes that have both.

8. Nutrition information: we’ll give you all the delicious data if you’re into that

If you track or use nutrition information, Plant Fueled Life is the way to go. We provide optional macro and micro breakdowns for all recipes so you can stay on top of your health. No more painstakingly entering each ingredient and measurement to track your intake.

If nutrition info isn’t something you care about, you’ll never see it. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

9. Visual demos: when written directions just don’t cut it

Trying out a recipe and the instructions for how to prepare jackfruit just aren’t cutting it? We’ve been there. 

In addition to written instructions, Plant Fueled Life provides tons of short, easy-to-follow ingredient prep demonstration videos. You can browse through them all in one place or play directly from the ingredient list. 

10. Inspiration: hundreds of hours of content

There are a lot of great cookbooks, but we’ve never heard of one with educational and inspirational video content!

Plant Fueled Life includes access to dozens of video chats with medical professionals and real-life members that’ll show you the magic of this lifestyle. In addition, video series like Whole Food Plant Based Basics and Kitchen Play guide you through frequently asked questions and concepts and simple recipes. 

11. Coaching: go from wanting to eat more plants to actually eating more plants 

Ready to transition to plant based eating but can’t seem to get it together? We can help with that, too. Watch Coaching replays with Molly Patrick, co-founder, and certified life coach. These sessions will get you out of your comfort zone, help you take action, uncover old thought patterns that no longer serve you, and give you the tools you need to live the kick-ass life of your dreams. All while giving you a free pass to be your messy, imperfect self.

12. Support: we’re here for you

Not sure how to do something? Check out our Help Library and video tutorials, or shoot us an email. We have the best customer service team around, and we’re always happy to help. 

Ready to see for yourself?

We’re not saying cookbooks aren’t helpful or fun, they definitely have their place. 

We created Plant Fueled Life to go above and beyond what a cookbook can do. 

Join now for instant access. If you’d like to learn more about Plant Fueled Life, you can do that, too. Have questions? Contact us, and we’d be happy to answer them. Want to read what others are saying about Plant Fueled Life? Check it out right here!

Your Plant Fueled Life is waiting.

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