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I started this way of eating by following this Facebook group, then the blog, then I looked up recipes (Whole Food Plant Based) on Pinterest, and used those. I’m gonna…

Jody Nelson
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Woo Hoo, Dirties! Just six weeks of eating this way and my fasting blood sugar has dropped from 115 to 102. I have been trying to do that for six…

Nancy Geddings Taylor
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I was just stuffing my face with this glorious #BigAssSalad (Curried Kale Karma Salad with Sunny Turmeric Tofu but with romaine instead) and was overcome with gratitude and the need…

Marlana Krupp
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My wife and I were talking cheeses this morning and I told her I’ll never go back to “regular” cheese and not to that nasty vegan cheese, either! Clean Food…

Ty Shultz
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Absolutely Love the Simple Plant Based Meal Plans

I absolutely love the simple plant based meal plans. $53 for all our breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for the week, no work to imagine substitutions as it is already…

Melissa Myers
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These Plant Based Recipes are Phenomenal

These plant based recipes are phenomenal. While they can be a little time consuming, I’d much rather spend the time cooking than on trying to figure out what to make….

Jenna Durst
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

I want to share the good news in case someone out there needs the additional encouragement… my total cholesterol is maintaining its big dip from more than 400 to under…

Stephanie Sandler
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CFDG is the most user-friendly meal plan system

I ate my first CFDG meal this evening! Prep and batch yesterday took about 4.5 hours from start through cleanup… I got 10K steps on my Fitbit and I barely…

Diane Haase
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

I knew I would be saving time during the week by batching on the weekend. However, I didn’t realize how much time I’d also be saving by not having to…

Nancy L.
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Intrigued by Clean Food Dirty Girl Meal Plans and Batching Instructions

OMFG! We just had the Open-faced Reuben Burger (but we had them as a regular sandwich) for dinner. SO GOOD! And that Tangy Pub-style Cheesy Spread? I put a smidge…

Juanita Franklin
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Plant Based Diet Lowers Blood Sugar in Just Six Weeks!

Woo Hoo, Dirties! [After] just six weeks of eating [plant based] this way and my fasting blood sugar has dropped from 115 to 102. I have been trying to do…

Nancy Taylor
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Plant Based Transformation CFDG Meal Plans Review

Sharing this today because sometimes seeing an old photo pop up here on ye’ old book of faces makes you think “Well shit, I have come a long way.” Especially…

Stacey Booth
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

I gotta just share, because I might NOT have known how much changing my diet with the help of the Clean Food Dirty Girl Meal Plans could improve my health….

Dee J.
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Lost weight plant based diet results

I joined this group to keep getting inspiring recipes, nutrition tips, and tricks. I have also joined the CFDGuy Classroom and have completed the first week of prep. WOW. What…

Jeff Brewster
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Plant Based Meal Plans have changed my life!

I was trying to transition myself and my husband to a plant-based diet for a solid year before trying the meal plans. I had read all the books and knew…

Megan Lockhart
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