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Stress-free plant based meal plans

I wanted a straightforward, organized approach to eating a whole foods plant-based diet, and a way to ensure I would have healthy food ready to go for each week. The…

Liz S.

California, USA

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whole food plant based meal plans

Deciding what to make every night was the bane of my existence! When I would ask the family what they’d like for dinner, the answer was always “whatever you want…

Lauren Higgins

New Jersey, USA

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In December 2019, I decided that I wanted to eat more plants and stumbled onto Molly’s blog trying to figure out what “WFPB” meant. Her writing felt like a loving…

Hope C.


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Transition to Plant Based Diet

The meal plans introduced me to new ways of cooking, new spices and ingredients I had never heard of, and how to cook without oil. I feel great about putting these recipes in my body.

Joanie S.

Pennsylvania, USA

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Upped her Cooking Game with CFDG Plant Based Meal Plans

I wanted to learn to cook all the yummy food I was seeing in the CFDG Facebook group! Fantastic. Fabulous. And over the top delicious! I have not once regretted signing up.

Deb Iacino


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Meal Plans help me eat healthier and try new foods

The Meal Plans looked amazing and different from anything else I had made so I decided to give them a try. Delicious and nutritious! Well worth batching once a week…

Fiona S.


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Reduced Cholesterol with Plant Based Diet

Jeff and I have always been interested in health and wellness, but we haven’t always eaten healthy. Jeff was an elite athlete in college, and I was a dancer. We’ve…

Melinda & Jeff Abrams

North Carolina, USA

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Plant Based Meal Plans Take the Guesswork Out of Healthy Eating

The meal plans take all the guesswork out of healthy and sustainable eating.  The food is so innovative and we love the new flavors and combinations we have learned.  From…

Rose Sloven

Iowa, USA

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Stress-free plant based meal plans

I have more freedom not having to think about what I’m going to eat to maintain my health – it’s all there in the fridge.

Leslie Joyce

Manitoba, Canada

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The Plant Based Meal Plans Have Been Life-changing

The meal plans keep me excited every day about what I’m eating. Without the plans, I grab things that are not helping me meet my goals. The meal plans have…

June Childrey

Virginia, USA

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Plant Based and Restaurant Worthy Meal Plans

Before the meal plans, I was buying frozen vegan entrees and burgers because chopping vegetables every night was exhausting after working all day.

Cynthia H.

Michigan, USA

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Plant Based Recipes that Even Meat Eaters Enjoy

I decided to change my diet to plant based and love the meal plans and recipes. Plant based recipes that even meat eaters enjoy. The variety makes it easy to…

Kathy Hill

Michigan, USA

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lost weight on a plant based diet

I have been WFPB for years but needed to get creative with meal planning and now the Dirties do that for me. I have had so many positive outcomes since…

Steph Cauller

South Carolina, USA

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Meal Planning made simple

[Before the Plant Based Meal Plans] I was eating the same things on repeat, or getting Chinese food or pizza. I no longer struggle with grocery lists, what’s for dinner,…

Maria Bailey

Virgina, USA

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Stress-free plant based meal plans

I’m new to this way of eating and this has taken all the thinking out of meal planning! I’m no longer stressed about what to make for dinner! And I’m…

Sharon M.


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