Meal Plan Subscriber Since 2017 and He's Still Amazed at How Delicious These Recipes Are

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Kathryn’s husband Brian says of the Plant Fueled Meal Plans; “It’s like we’re dining out at a different restaurant every week.”

She’s been a meal plan subscriber since 2017 and her husband have been amazed at how delicious these recipes are. What started as a him supporting her way of eating healthier turned into a completely new lifestyle for the both of them.

“When my husband agreed to support me in this WOE for 30 days, he did so with one very clear and agreed upon condition, that he be allowed to go back to his meats, cheeses and butter at day 31!

The thought of giving up his favorite foods filled him with anxiety and he wanted a safety net, sure he could do 30 days to support me and help me change my bad habits, but had zero interest or intentions of changing his own. And I was ok with that, I had unsuccessfully tried to pressure him into a better diet 11 or 12 years previously, so I had no delusions that I would “change” him this time around.

You can read more about their story and watch a video chat between Molly and Kathryn that was originally posted in 2018, one year into her plant based journey.

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