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Intrigued by Clean Food Dirty Girl Meal Plans and Batching Instructions

OMFG! We just had the Open-faced Reuben Burger (but we had them as a regular sandwich) for dinner. SO GOOD! And that Tangy Pub-style Cheesy Spread? I put a smidge on a cracker for my…

Juanita Franklin
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plant based mom wfpb plant fueled life member

Simple. Wizard. Plans. These take the thinking out of meal planning. I needed a way to make the transition require less mental energy, and the meal plans do that.

Poppi C.
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Andrea Reverses Type 2 Diabetes with Diet and Gets Off Antidepressants

My toxic relationship with food began at a young age and is why even today I hold a lot of shame and guilt when it comes to eating certain foods. I hid the junk food…

Andrea Voon
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It’s been such a blessing that I stumbled on this site. Not only the recipes and meal plans but all the other members are such an inspiration. Couldn’t be happier.

Cheryl A.
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Reduced Cholesterol with Plant Based Diet

Jeff and I have always been interested in health and wellness, but we haven’t always eaten healthy. Jeff was an elite athlete in college, and I was a dancer. We’ve always been physically active, even…

Melinda & Jeff Abrams
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Plant Fueled Life Review

This morning, I went to the CFDG website, and spent: One minute choosing a menu (Simple American Road Trip) Three minutes setting the appropriate servings and glancing through to see if I had all the…

Rebecca Foxworth
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I am a fairly new member to this group, but not new to Whole Food Plant Based. I am so inspired, and thankful, for the ‘dirty’ team’s creativity with delectable, flavorful dishes. I have made…

Betsy Risner
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Today, I’m just feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. I feel like this group and these meal plans have held my hand, showed me a different way of doing something that I thought was impossible, and given…

Melissa Syria
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Plant based couple with white dog in front of a beautiful mountain

Kathryn’s husband Brian says of the Plant Fueled Meal Plans; “It’s like we’re dining out at a different restaurant every week.” She’s been a meal plan subscriber since 2017 and her husband have been amazed…

Kathryn Grace Peulicke
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