Weight Loss Plant Based Diet Reviews

Lost weight plant based diet results

I joined this group to keep getting inspiring recipes, nutrition tips, and tricks. I have also joined the CFDGuy Classroom and have completed the first week of prep. WOW. What the fuck was that?!?!?!? Hahahaha….

Jeff Brewster
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

Today is our (hubby and myself) 3 year Plantiversay!! I’ve shared both of our stories, in the past. We both started this journey, morbidly obese, diabetic, blah blah blah. I was also suffering from a…

Hildi Lou
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Plant Based Transformation CFDG Meal Plans Review

Sharing this today because sometimes seeing an old photo pop up here on ye’ old book of faces makes you think “Well shit, I have come a long way.” Especially when you look in the…

Stacey Booth
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lost weight on a plant based diet

I have been WFPB for years but needed to get creative with meal planning and now the Dirties do that for me. I have had so many positive outcomes since becoming a subscriber. Chronic cough…

Steph Cauller
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Reviews Meal Plans

The recipes and Meal Plans take the brain work out of eating a healthy and plant-based diet. When I decided to become plant-based, I had no idea where to start! There’s so much to learn…

Samantha S.
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