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Intrigued by Clean Food Dirty Girl Meal Plans and Batching Instructions

OMFG! We just had the Open-faced Reuben Burger (but we had them as a regular sandwich) for dinner. SO GOOD! And that Tangy Pub-style Cheesy Spread? I put a smidge on a cracker for my…

Juanita Franklin
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Loving Plant Fueled Life

I was in Brian Head, Utah playing in the snow with my family for the last week and didn’t batch anything. I knew when I saw the new meal plan that I had to batch…

Jessica Duffy
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Plant Fueled Life Review

This morning, I went to the CFDG website, and spent: One minute choosing a menu (Simple American Road Trip) Three minutes setting the appropriate servings and glancing through to see if I had all the…

Rebecca Foxworth
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Today, I’m just feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. I feel like this group and these meal plans have held my hand, showed me a different way of doing something that I thought was impossible, and given…

Melissa Syria
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On November 3, 2019, I bought the then-new annual Clean Food Dirty Girl (CFDG) meal plans, having just renewed this week for the third annual plan, at the exact same price I paid in 2019!…

Marcy Lynch
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Hi! I just became a member after following the Facebook group for a long time. I’ve been eating plant based, predominately whole foods for two years. I wasn’t sure paying for membership was going to…

Heather Paar
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Hey dirties, if you’ve got some time on your hands I have a little story to tell. I’ve been Whole Food Plant Based No Oil (WFPBNO) for about 18 months now. Some weeks I batch…

Tracy Watson
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You Dirty Girls just spoil me. I’ve been a meal plan member for about a year now and I CANNOT for the life of me ever imagine myself going back to not being a member….

Sarah Fenech
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Yesterday I spent the better part of the day batching my simple trial menu. I was pretty tired after finishing yesterday, but felt really accomplished, and optimistic. Fast forward to tonight. I had a busy…

Ginnie Tildesley Fletcher
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I started this way of eating by following this Facebook group, then the blog, then I looked up recipes (Whole Food Plant Based) on Pinterest, and used those. I’m gonna cut to the chase, these…

Jody Nelson
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Absolutely Love the Simple Plant Based Meal Plans

I absolutely love the simple plant based meal plans. $53 for all our breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for the week, no work to imagine substitutions as it is already gluten-free, 20 minutes of meal…

Melissa Myers
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CFDG is the most user-friendly meal plan system

I ate my first CFDG meal this evening! Prep and batch yesterday took about 4.5 hours from start through cleanup… I got 10K steps on my Fitbit and I barely left the house! I made…

Diane Haase
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