The Meal Plans Changed Our Life and Removed ‘What Will We Eat Today?’ Question


You Dirty Girls just spoil me. I’ve been a meal plan member for about a year now and I CANNOT for the life of me ever imagine myself going back to not being a member. Of course it was harder in the beginning. I had a complete breakdown during the first 8hr batch. Now it rarely takes longer than 3.5 hours, including cleaning.

Getting my partner on board with the food was also a bit of a challenge as he had his junky cravings, but now loves the food and looks forward to it. We indulge in something ‘naughty’ during the weekend only, which is huge compared to the daily pasta, bread, and sweets we were living on. I just cannot thank you enough!

You changed our life and completely removed the daily dreadful question of ‘ughhh what will we eat today?’ and the panic that comes up with that question. If anyone is still unsure whether to subscribe or not, I really hope you try it out. Just sharing our Hummus Masabacha with croquettes from #Scrumptious

Sarah Fenech


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