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plant based mom wfpb plant fueled life member

Simple. Wizard. Plans. These take the thinking out of meal planning. I needed a way to make the transition require less mental energy, and the meal plans do that.

Poppi C.
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Absolutely Love the Simple Plant Based Meal Plans

I absolutely love the simple plant based meal plans. $53 for all our breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for the week, no work to imagine substitutions as it is already gluten-free, 20 minutes of meal…

Melissa Myers
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There’s Really Something for Every Situation

The Meal Plans are good for busy people or if you don’t want to have to think about what to make for dinner all week. You can also pick and choose certain recipes if batch…

Teri W.
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

The Simple Plans are more conducive to my busy schedule and are good. They save me time in meal planning and weeknight prep and allow me to lead a WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based) lifestyle….

Sherrie B.
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Meal Plans help me eat healthier and try new foods

The Meal Plans looked amazing and different from anything else I had made so I decided to give them a try. Delicious and nutritious! Well worth batching once a week for amazing food during the…

Fiona S.
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CFDF Meal Plan Subscribers

Thank you for the Simple Plans, they are amazing! They help me stay on track with a healthy Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle.

Julie H.
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