CFDG Provides the Support and Encouragement I Need

Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

The Simple Plans are more conducive to my busy schedule and are good. They save me time in meal planning and weeknight prep and allow me to lead a WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based) lifestyle.

I have more energy. I used to take naps (or at least definitely want to) take naps every afternoon. Now, I never want to. The [Meal] Plans, along with all the Clean Food Dirty Girl resources, helped me understand the rationale for WFPB. It is just so much easier to follow a meal plan that builds on the same ingredients than to cobble together recipes myself. Plus, I love the food!

The community you’ve constructed through Facebook, the blog, Saturday Love Letters, and Lyndsey’s hilarious pics provides the support and encouragement I need.

I love that you all say and show you are not perfect either.

The mods on both Clean Food Dirty Girl and Lighten Up are excellent. Sandrina, in particular, comes to mind as she always answers my “in the moment” cooking questions within a few minutes.

Sherrie B.

Oregon, USA

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