I’m a Pretty Happy Plant Based Mama Right Now

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Hi! I just became a member after following the Facebook group for a long time. I’ve been eating plant based, predominately whole foods for two years. I wasn’t sure paying for membership was going to be worth it for me because I love to search for and try new recipes, and I already cook some pretty bomb plant based food.

Also, I’m not sure I can work four hours of batching into a day every week, so wasn’t sure it would work that well for me.

Now, let me say… I felt like a plant based BOSS this week at the grocery store with my list of exactly what I needed for this week’s meal plan.

Since I didn’t veer from the list or buy ingredients that looked good at the moment, my cart was not overflowing like usual, and the bill was lower than usual, even though I splurged on some cut tulips and two small spring planters that were at the door. BOOM!

Tonight I made the Texas caviar burritos from American Road Trip and they were awesome. Even more awesome was that I whipped up the Jalapeño Popper Spread and the Texas caviar in the 30 minutes I had at home between school pick up and heading out the door for church. We were late getting home, but all I had to do was warm some tortillas, stuff them, and dinner was served in less than 10 minutes!
That Jalapeño Popper Spread is amazeballs too. I happily scooped more right out of the container with some bell pepper slices after dinner. I only stopped because I wanted leftovers for tomorrow.

I’m a pretty happy plant-based mama right now. So happy I joined!

(And a pick of my almost empty container) 😉

jalepeno popper spread plant based oil free
Jalapeño Popper Spread from American Road Trip Plant Based Meal Plan

Heather Paar

Washington, US

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