Hubby Lost 75 lbs, Gone Off Diabetes Meds and Reversed Chronic Pancreatitis

Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

Today is our (hubby and myself) 3 year Plantiversay!!

I’ve shared both of our stories, in the past. We both started this journey, morbidly obese, diabetic, blah blah blah. I was also suffering from a very long list of chronic health issues, that surfaced as a result of heavy metal poisoning, from MRI contrast.

Hubby has lost and kept off 75#, gone off all diabetes meds and reversed his chronic pancreatitis. I’ve lost 80# (50 since going Whole Food Plant Based) (WFPB) and negated the need for diabetes meds. Part of what I was dealing with, was horrific pain. Body wide, 30+ on the pain scale (1-10)! I was battling Lyme disease, which had evidently been latent. My Epstein Barr virus reemerged and didn’t want to leave. I could barely walk (because of pain), barely stand and only sit for short periods of time.

About 6 months into our WFPB journey, I realized I needed to eliminate gluten too. You know how sometimes change is so subtle, that you don’t really notice? Well recently I came to realize, how much I’d healed my body. The ONLY thing I’ve done, for the past 3 years is diligent 90% WFPB and supplements. Nothing else!

While I don’t like to paint a picture, that’s only half true. I am remarkably better! I don’t live 24/7/365 in 30+ pain. My pain is far more manageable (7-8) all day, every day. I still have an incredible amount of things wrong, that diet isn’t going to fix. But for the first time in 4 years, I’m actually LIVING! Not SUFFERING!! One of the realizations of my progress, has been the reemergence of my desire to paint!! I seriously thought my creative brain died, along with the other cognitive deficits I received.

If WFPB is a new concept to you, jump in with both feet! Immerse yourself in support for this lifestyle, however and wherever you can. If you’re suffering from chronic illness, you NEED to be faithful to this way of life. If you’re basically healthy, plan on seeing benefits too!

Tonight we are celebrating with a family favorite, Potato Tacos! I use the Clean Food Dirty Girl oil free roasted potato recipe, along with my all time fave cheese sauce…QUESO BLANCO!! And for a special treat, we have some Clean Food Dirty Girl cilantro lime ranch leftover!!

Today’s art project below

Hildi Lou


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