Reduced Cholesterol with Plant Based Diet

Reduced Cholesterol with Plant Based Diet

Jeff and I have always been interested in health and wellness, but we haven’t always eaten healthy. Jeff was an elite athlete in college, and I was a dancer. We’ve always been physically active, even after he shifted to working as a surgeon, and I began working as a consultant and artist. When we met I was an unhealthy vegetarian who ate a lot of sugar, dairy, and processed foods. He was a big meat eater. We ate out a lot.

Jeff’s high cholesterol (really high!) inspired us to do some research and make different food choices. The research and data were what got us started, but feeling dramatically better is what keeps us making healthy choices. That, and the super delicious recipes and Meal Plans from Clean Food Dirty Girl! I used to hate cooking. Now I LOVE cooking.

Melinda & Jeff Abrams

North Carolina, USA

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