So Inspired, and Thankful, for the ‘Dirty’ Team’s Creativity With Delectable, Flavorful Dishes


I am a fairly new member to this group, but not new to Whole Food Plant Based. I am so inspired, and thankful, for the ‘dirty’ team’s creativity with delectable, flavorful dishes. I have made many recipes from magazines only to find them less than desirable. All of the recipes I have tried from the Clean Food Dirty Girl vault have been scrumptious.

I am also truly amazed by the dirty members who continually amaze me by their cleverness in the kitchen with tips and delicious recipes. It’s because of the constant rave about the deliciousness of the African Peanut Stew, that I became a dirty girl member. OMG it is sooo good! Thank you all.

Betsy Risner


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