Arthritis Pain Is Down and So Is Glucose Level (by 40 Points!) in Just 7 Days

Arthritis Pain Is Down and So Is Glucose Level By 40 Points! in Just 7 Days

Hey everyone! I wanted to tell you about my meat eater father-in-law’s visit as so many of you helped ease my anxiety…

He ate EVERYTHING I made with a sarcastic grumble: the meatballs, the marinara, the huge big ass salads, the mushroom pate, the carrot and mushroom patties… All of it. ? He reluctantly said it was all fucking delicious ?

He is now currently watching a lecture on YouTube about plant based eating and is excited that his arthritis pain is down and so is his glucose level (by 40 points!) In just 7 days…


This group rules and you all rule! ????

Thank you ?

Lucie Woodford

South Carolina

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