Loving the New Plant Fueled Life Portal

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OK, so HUGE Clean Food Dirty Girl fan and love the new Plant Fueled Life portal.

I’ve been navigating thru it just fine…but after the latest video of updates that came out today, I decided to listen to a few [tutorials].

Here are some of the nuances that just make me happy:

  • Showing me how much I have in leftovers after I hit the button to Make More.
  • The ability to remove a component from a meal plan.
  • Shortcuts in the upper right corner but love the way Stephanie Campbell tells you that you can take “the scenic route”.
  • The suggestion by Molly Patrick to use the Magic Meal Planner for freezer staples – BRILLIANT!
  • You can create 3 meals a day in the Magic Meal Planner – WOW!
  • The recommended recipes when adding to the Magic Meal Planner – OMG!
  • And, has anyone else noticed that Stephanie and Molly say “Clean Food Dirty Girl” exactly the same way? Love it!

Thank you all for the foresight and creative design – it’s beyond amazing.

Laura Spinner


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