Merry Plant Based Holiday Meal Plan 

Merry Plant Based Holiday Meal Plan

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‘Tis the season to celebrate with plant-powered deliciousness! Merry is a plant based meal plan featuring everything you need to keep your bells jingling right through the holidays. But don’t get it twisted—these meals are scrumptious any time of year! Christmas in July, anyone?

What’s on the gourmet menu this week

Merry Whole Food Plant Based Holiday Meal Plan
Warm Winter Solstice Roasted Plant Based Sweet Potato and Couscous Salad

Our Warm Winter Solstice Roasted Sweet Potato & Couscous Salad is a bowl of Christmas cheer perfect for a family lunch or a casual dinner.

Delicious! We used Israeli couscous, which worked great, and dried cranberries. Very hearty. Perfect for our Solstice dinner.

Plant Fueled Life member
Holiday Vegan Green Bean and Mushroom Casserole and Winter Citrus Salad

Looking for a plant-powered version of classic green bean casserole? Look no further! The Holiday Green Bean & Mushroom Casserole is savory, creamy, and tasty—no soup cans necessary. Served with a bright Winter Citrus Salad, it’s an excellent holiday meal.

Creamy Dairy-Free Butternut Bisque and Butter Lettuce Salad with Tangy Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Creamy Butternut Bisque combines butternut squash with sweet, tangy apples in a silky, smooth bisque. Served with a salad of butter lettuce, pears, dried cranberries, pecans, and Tangy Apple Cider Vinaigrette. It’s the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance.

Classic 13-Layer Vegan Lasagna and Tomato, Basil and Avocado Salad

Our Classic 13-Layer Lasagna is—you guessed it—13 layers of ooey, gooey cheesy sauce, noodles, tomato basil sauce, and Italian tofu sausage. A Tomato, Basil & Avocado Salad served on the side offers a light and fresh balance, making this a wildly delicious meal.

This is amazing. I made it twice in the same week because my husband liked it that much. Kid ate it too!

Plant Fueled Life member

Get merry with this meal plan

Savory Cauliflower Wedges with Creamy Dairy Free Tarragon Sauce and Herbed Lentils

Minds will be blown with Savory Cauliflower Wedges with Creamy Tarragon Sauce and Herbed Lentils. This creative take on cauliflower is served on a bed of seasoned lentils with moan-inducing creamy tarragon sauce. Yum!

Whole Food Plant Based Toasted Walnut Fig Bars

For a sweet treat, you’ll love our Toasted Walnut Fig Bars. They’re bursting with chewy bites of dried figs and toasty walnuts, providing classic fig bar flavor!

We make these regularly. Love the Fig Newton flavor from childhood, one of my favorites

Plant Fueled Life member

Simple Merry | Plant Based Holiday Meal Plan

Enjoy the holiday spirit even if you’re short on time or prefer simpler fare. Simple Merry features many of the same flavors but is designed for a shorter batch time. The Open-faced Cheesy Italian Sandwich is worth checking out this plan alone.

Simple Merry Plant Based Holiday Meal Plan

Plant based holiday meal plan recipes include:

  1. Sweet & Tangy Quinoa Bowl
  2. Easy Nacho Tacos
  3. Creamy Butternut Bisque with Tofu Sausage Crumbles
  4. Open-faced Cheesy Italian Sandwich
  5. Big Beautiful Winter Salad

Merry and bright

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The merry feeling continues with a wide selection of plant based meal plans. All recipes are vegan, oil-free, and dairy-free.

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