Budget Friendly Plant Based Meal Plan

Budget Friendly Vegan Meal Plan

Show some love to your piggy bank with Budget Friendly, a plant based meal plan designed with your wallet in mind. This plan packs a ton of flavor and variety into meals using the least expensive ingredients—beans, potatoes, rice, greens, peppers, cabbage, etc.

What’s on the gourmet menu this week

Budget Friendly Vegan Meal Plan
South of the Border Vegan Bean Bowl

Inflation blues? Not with the South of the Border Bean Bowl. Taco-spiced veggies, pinto beans, citrus-cilantro rice, and a nut-free nacho-style sauce make this a sensational meal that’ll delight you.

Chickpea Masala Tacos with Dairy Free Lemon Cilantro Slaw

Taco night gets a fresh spin with Chickpea Masala Tacos with Lemon Cilantro Slaw. These Indian-inspired chickpeas are topped with avocado and crisp, bright slaw that balances the warm spices perfectly. Yes, please!

Sweet & Sour Cabbage and Dairy Free Buttery Mashed Potatoes with Kielbasa-spiced Pintos

European flavors on a budget? It’s possible! Our Sweet & Sour Cabbage and Buttery Mashed Potatoes with Kielbasa-spiced Pintos features traditional Polish-style sweet and sour cabbage served beside creamy mashed potatoes and pintos infused with crave-worthy kielbasa flavors.

Fire-roasted Mushroom Plant Based Pinto Chili with Chili Lime Salad Tortilla Chips and Nacho Sauce

Fire-roasted tomatoes provide a rich, smoky base to compliment mushrooms, pinto beans, and diced green chiles in our Fire-roasted Mushroom & Pinto Chili. Served with a crisp salad, homemade tortilla chips, and nacho sauce for dipping, this is truly a family-pleasing meal. Bonus: the nacho sauce is nut-free, making it budget and allergy-friendly.

Penny Pincher WFPB Oil Free Peanut Stir Fry

Finish your week strong with Penny Pincher Peanut Stir Fry. It’s delicious and loaded with veggies. Plus, if you make the rice on batching day, this beauty can be on the table in about 30 minutes. Hello, Friday night plans! 

Big flavor. Little cost.

Simple Budget Friendly plant based meal plan

Make plans every night of the week with Simple Budget Friendly, a meal plan just as yummy and easy on your wallet. It is pared down, so you don’t have to sacrifice healthy meals when your schedule is loaded. Fair warning, your family will be requesting the Calabacitas con Elote Mashed Potato Bowl at least once a week.

Fast Simple Budget Friendly Vegan Meal Plans

Simple Budget Friendly | Vegan, oil-free, dairy-free meal plan

  1. Budget Bean & Rice Bowl Feature
  2. Chickpea Masala Tacos with Lemon Cilantro Slaw
  3. Calabacitas con Elote Mashed Potato Bowl Feature
  4. Sopa de Frijol Negro with Tomato and Cilantro
  5. Penny Pincher Big Ass Balsamic Salad

Save money by going plant based

It’s a common misconception that eating plant based is expensive. If you shop and cook the way we teach you in Plant Fueled Life, it’s one of the most affordable ways to eat on the planet! In fact, a 2021 study by Oxford University found adopting a vegan or flexitarian diet can reduce your grocery bill by one-third!

Our co-founder, Molly, shows how she saves money with plant based batching. Also, Team Dirty member Brittany shares how she is able to feed her family of five for less than $2 per meal in her blog post, Plant Based Family on a Budget. Our team offers more Plant Based Money Saving Tips

Ditching the meat, dairy, and eggs while focusing on fruit, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and a few minimally processed ingredients is sustainable, affordable, better for you, and incredibly delicious. Put it to the test with a free 10-day trial, and let us show you how! No credit card or perfection required.

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