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Kalimera (good day), Dirty!

A Big Fat Greek Adventure!

#Opa is filled with classic Greek spices, herbs, and ingredients to dazzle and delight all week long. We’ve put a Dirty spin on popular dishes like Pastitsio, Spanakopita, and Moussaka. There’s also a bonus recipe for a fabulously flavorful Greek Apple Cake

Greece has ancient roots in farming and agriculture, as well as a strong connection to the sea. Its warm Mediterranean climate has always produced outstanding fruits and veggies, like its famed grapes and olives. Many of our most commonly used culinary herbs grow there in the wild. Because of its produce bounty, Greek food has historically been very vegetarian-friendly, which makes it a great candidate to be Dirty-fied.

In addition to the fruits and veggies that grow well there, Greece inherited many flavors and foods from other cultures, like the Romans, Venetians, Balkans, Turks, Slavs, and even the English. This culinary mashup has to do with the political history of the area.

In 350 BCE, Alexander the Great, a Greek Macedonian, led a campaign to conquer much of the region, including Egypt and parts of the Indian subcontinent. Later, when the Roman Empire absorbed Greece, it benefited from even more transcontinental access. What followed were centuries of outside cultural influence and trade, not the least being the introduction of dozens of New World foods after Europeans began looking west to the Americas. These included tomatoes, potatoes, and beans: all now considered Greek staples.

Today, Greek cuisine is celebrated and enjoyed all over, for a good reason—it’s freaking delicious.

Our fab Meal Plan tester, Chazz, tackled #Opa in 2 hours and 50 minutes. She noted an easy batch day flow that made multitasking a cinch. #SimpleOpa cooks up in a snap.

We’re drooling over this whole menu, but especially the warm, appley, cakey goodness that is Greek Apple Cake! If you need a batch day jumpstart to fire up your engine, join us for our weekly Office Hours, or send us an email, and we’ll light your batching fire.

Pack up your taste buds and meet us in your classroom, ’cause we’re going on a big, fat, Greek adventure!


Gourmet Plant Based Menu

Opa Greek Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plan CFDG
OPA WFPB Recipe Greek Pasta Bake (Pastitsio) and Fresh Green Salad
Greek Pasta Bake (Pastitsio) and Fresh Green Salad
opa plant based recipe Brothy Butter Beans over Toasted Baguette and Greek Green Beans (Fasolakia Giaxni)
Brothy Butter Beans over Toasted Baguette and Greek Green Beans (Fasolakia Giaxni)
whole food Rustic Greek Lentil Soup (Fakes Soupa) and Lemon Potatoes (Patates Lemonates)
Rustic Greek Lentil Soup (Fakes Soupa) and Lemon Potatoes (Patates Lemonates)
vegan plant based Handheld Spanakopita Pies with Lemony Yogurt-style Sauce and Greek Olives
Handheld Spanakopita Pies with Lemony Yogurt-style Sauce and Greek Olives
WFPB Layered Lentil Moussaka Bowl
Layered Lentil Moussaka Bowl
Opa Plant Based Vegan Greek Apple Cake
Bonus: Greek Apple Cake


Plant Based & Gluten Free Menu

Our Simple Meal Plans are inspired by our Gourmet Meal Plans. They are gluten-free and quicker to batch. #SimpleOpa is still tasty and loaded with ALL the flavors of Greece, but with minimal effort. Both the Simple and the Gourmet plans are loaded up in the classroom waiting for you to cook and NOM!

  • White Bean Nugget Wraps
  • Mediterranean Ragu Pasta Bowl
  • Rustic Greek Lentil Soup and Simple Mixed Green Salad
  • Layered Lentil Ragu and Lemon Potato Bowl
  • Big Ass Salad with White Bean Nuggets
Simple Opa Greek Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plan

P.S. Take a look at our subscriber’s love for our Plant Fueled Meal Plans!

“#Opa has been all my family has been talking about. My omni husband is Greek and he literally plans our summers mapping out Greek festivals we have to go to, just so he can have his ‘fix’. When I started batching this, he came in the kitchen, turned on his Spotify to Greek music, and LITERALLY starts snapping his fingers and dancing around, begging me to let him sample.

Needless to say, he has not been disappointed. We had the soup last night, he loved it so much he took some to his work to let them try it. His absolute childhood favorites are Mousakka and Pastitsio. HE IS FUCKING DYING TO EAT THEM!!! I have been watching that fridge like a hawk making sure he doesn’t sneak any—those great beans are also a fave—he says they taste EXACTLY like his Aunt Soula used to make as a kid. ❤️

Go batch this shit—it’s amazing!”

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

“When I saw that it’s Greek week and that moussaka was on the menu, I was ecstatic! I did tweak it a little bit by adding a layer of roasted eggplant, and baking it as the casserole I love. It was truly divine. #Opa”

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

“Prior to converting to WFPB Pastitsio was a guilty pleasure. It is one of the few meals with meat/dairy I miss. This week I finally get to enjoy it [as a plant based dish] and it did not disappoint! I added a bit of thyme and oregano to the ragu. It was AMAZING. My omni hubs said he enjoyed it as much as the original! #Opa #plantsforthewin #trustteamdirty

If you haven’t batched it… go do it now!”

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

“Somebody help me. I’m about to eat tonights Greek Pasta Bake (Pastitsio) from #Opa cold because it’s that damn good!

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

“We are loving #Opa this week! Everyone loved today’s Pastitsio and the apple cake is delicious. These will definitely be repeats in our house!”

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

“The Brothy Butter Beans over Toast from #Opa might be one of my top ten favorite CFDG recipes.”

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

Let's get to batching!

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