Ring Your Bell | Plant Based Menu Inspired by Taco Bell

Plant Based Menu Inspired by Taco Bell

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Craving Taco Bell?? Skip the drive-thru with Ring Your Bell, a plant based meal plan packed with tasty meals inspired by all your faves, without any meat, dairy, oil, or highly processed ingredients. It’s family and omni-friendly, too!

Take crunchy to a new level with this vegan meal plan centered around batch cooking. It’s one of hundreds of meal plans in Plant Fueled Life, each complete with:

  • A detailed grocery list, broken down by department. No more aimless wandering through the grocery store aisles. 
  • An optional prep list. Follow the step-by-step prep list to guide you through pre-cooking tasks. This means less chaos in the kitchen and more confidence.
  • Easy-to-follow batching directions. You’ll be efficiently preparing the base components of your meals.
  • Simple meal night instructions. Your meals will come together seamlessly to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your hunger.

Check out this mouthwatering menu.

Gourmet Plant Based Meal Plan

Ring Your Bell Healthy Fast Food Meal Plan
Cool Vegan Ranch Taco Salad

Fresh greens and veggies are topped with taco-seasoned tofu crumbles, taco sauce, tortilla chips, and our popular dairy-free ranch dressing in our Cool Ranch Taco Salad. It beats any fast food restaurant!

Outstanding!! Tastes just like a traditional omni taco salad… but it’s healthy!! My husband put it in his top 5 CFDG recipes of all time. We will absolutely make this again.

Meghan, Plant Fueled Life member
Plant Based Cheesy Rice Bean Burrito with Healthy Berry Blasted Freeze

Large whole grain tortillas are perfect for our classic-style Cheesy Rice & Bean Burritos stuffed with refried beans, rice, and cheesy sauce. Our sweet and tangy Berry Blasted Freeze is the perfect accompaniment.

A tasty taco salad! It felt like we hit up The Bell, but we still felt great after eating!

Elke, Plant Fueled Life member
Fast Food-style Dairy Free Oil Free Grande Nachos

The Fast Food-style Grande Nachos are meaty, crispy, cheesy, and delicious! They’ll satisfy your cravings and fuel you with plants. Would you like sauce with that?

Really delicious, and the chips were fantastic, as was the rest of the ingredients! Tofu crumbles for the win! My husband loved it as well! Could I give it 10 stars?!

Susan, Plant Fueled Life member
Whole Food Plant Based Mexican Cantina Bowl

Our Mexican Cantina Bowl is a grain bowl stuffed with seasoned rice, black beans, corn, tomatoes, fresh greens, avocado, and chilies. Cool and creamy ranch dressing takes it over the top. Don’t miss this one!

I wasn’t going to make this one but I’m so glad I did! It’s packed full of flavor. Yum!

Ariana, Plant Fueled Life member
Vegan Mexican Melty Wrap and Oil Free Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes

Fill a tortilla with fast food-style cheesy sauce and beefy taco-seasoned crumbles, then roll it up and pop it in a hot skillet until golden and crisp on the edges for our Mexican Melty Wrap. Served with oil-free Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes for a meal the whole family will be raving about, no drive-thru necessary!

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Simple Ring Your Bell

Simple plans are streamlined to maximize your time in the kitchen and get you back to your life fast. Simple Ring Your Bell does all that, and it includes Salsa Verde Cheesy Bean Burritos. What’s not to love?

Simple Ring Your Bell Fast Food Meal Plan
  1. Simple Cool Ranch Taco Salad
  2. Salsa Verde Cheesy Bean Burrito
  3. Takeout-style Grande Nachos
  4. Mexican Cantina Bowl
  5. Mexican Melty Wrap and Simple Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes

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Plant Fueled Life is packed with delicious plant based meal plans and recipes, including lots of tasty twists on takeout classics. So, throw away the takeout menus, delete the food delivery apps, and never wait in line at the drive-thru again. Start a free trial today to get going and see for yourself. You can thank us later.

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