Baja Mex Plant Based Meal Plan

Vegan Baja Mexican Meal Plan

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Baja Mex is a plant based meal plan inspired by Baja-Mexican food. Bold flavors and fresh ingredients are hallmarks of Baja-Mexican cuisine and you’ll find them in spades with these tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, and more. Plus, this plan includes a deliciously cinnamony and sweet bonus recipe that is a treat for one and all!

Baja Mex is giving my taste buds orgasms.

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Baja Mex Plant Based Menu

Just gotta say, the #BajaMex meal plan has some of the most MOUTHGASMIC recipes ever, and I lived for over 30 years in the desert Southwest where Green Enchilada Sauce, Tacos, Chimichangas, Queso and Sour Cream RULED! Having experimented with vegan versions of these regional delicacies, I can honestly say that the #BajaMex recipes are THE BEST and will send your taste buds into a flavorful fiesta frenzy! OMG! The Green Enchilada Sauce is BRILLIANT! The Queso, eye crossingly DIVINE! The Silky Sour Cream is SUPURB! OH! And that Sazon-Spiced Squash sent me into some kind of BLISS. The flavors and textures found in this meal plan are cultural cornerstones of “South of the Border” cuisine and nothing short of Magnifico! A BIG BRAVO to the creator of #BajaMex! EXCELENTE!

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Sazon-spiced Squash & Black Bean Green Enchiladas Apilar Stacked

Our Sazon-spiced Squash & Black Bean Green Enchiladas Apilar (Stacked) is a fun and mouth-watering version of enchiladas the whole family will love. With beefy tempeh crumbles, green enchilada sauce, creamy pepita queso, and silky sour cream, you’ll love every bite.

Crispy Baja Avocado Tacos and Black Bean Confetti Corn Salad

Make taco night fun and flavorful with Crispy Baja Avocado Tacos and Black Bean Confetti Corn Salad! A colorful Caesar-style black bean, veggie, and corn salad accompany amazing crispy and smoky avocado tacos. Yes, please.

Smothered Beefy Tempeh Oil Free Vegan Chimichangas

Smothered Beefy Tempeh Chimichangas feature baked chimichangas stuffed with creamy queso, beefy tempeh crumbles, green onion cilantro farro, and veggies. They’re then smothered with warm green enchilada sauce and topped with sour cream, salsa, olives, and cilantro. 

Picante Bean Burgers and Spinach Dairy Free Caesar Salad

The Picante Bean Burgers and Spinach Caesar Salad are made with beans, corn, and oats with a Caesar-style spinach salad on the side. Close your eyes and let this plant-powered meal take you to paradise.

Loaded Adobo Fajita Bowl with Creamy Pepita Plant Based Queso

A Loaded Adobo Fajita Bowl with Creamy Pepita Queso founds out the week with adobo fajita veggies, green onion cilantro farro, beefy tempeh crumbles, and sazon-spiced squash with creamy pepita queso. It’s a show-stopping bowl of deliciousness!

Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese Taquitos with Salted Caramel

Finally, treat yourself to Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese Taquitos with Salted Caramel. These taquitos are filled with cinnamon-spiced apple and sweet cashew cream cheese. Then,  they are drizzled with heavenly date-based salted caramel. They’re a decadent dessert the whole family will love.

Enjoy Baja-Mexican cuisine, made by you

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Simple Baja Mex plant based meal plan

Simple Baja Mex is full of the bold and fresh flavors of Baja Mexico and is a snap to batch. Use this delightfully simple meal plan to feed your family healthy plant based meals they’ll love all week. They’ll be incredibly excited for the Beefy Tempeh Swiss Cheesy Mac & Greens.

Simple plant based recipes include:

  1. Beefy Tempeh Swiss Cheesy Mac & Greens
  2. Chickpea Avocado Tacos
  3. Beefy Butternut Burritos
  4. Easy Cheesy Smoky Jalapeño Burger
  5. Roasted Squash Caesar Salad Bowl

Get cookin’

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