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You’ll love Low Fat Done Dirty, a low-fat plant based meal plan, whether you’re monitoring your fat intake or not! These crave-worthy dishes are absolutely bursting with flavor. Each meal clocks in at 10 grams of fat or less per serving, perfect for anyone managing insulin resistance issues with a low-fat diet.

Each Plant Fueled Life meal plan contains

  • A detailed grocery list. An interactive list broken down by department, so no more aimless wandering through the grocery store. 
  • An optional prep list. This step-by-step list guides you through pre-cooking tasks, meaning less chaos in the kitchen and more confidence. 
  • Batching directions. Our easy-to-follow batching instructions will help you efficiently prepare your meals’ base components, meaning the bulk of the cooking for the week is done.
  • Meal night directions. Simple instructions ensure every dish is plated to perfection, ready to tantalize your taste buds.

Gourmet Plant Based Meal Plan

Our Low Fat Eggless Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps and Lemony Apple Salad features crisp lettuce leaves stuffed with a tofu-based egg salad you won’t believe. They’re topped with veggies and served with lemony apples for a perfect deli-style meal.

The Queso Blanco Enchilada Casserole and Spiced Pineapple will make all your low-fat dreams come true. This ooey, gooey enchilada casserole with classic enchilada sauce and our creamy Queso Blanco will delight the whole family. Serve it with fresh spiced pineapple on the side for a fun and tasty meal.

Sweet and tangy, our BBQ Pineapple Burger and Cole Slaw is a tropical spin on the usual. Barbecue sauce and pineapple are a match made in burger heaven. And creamy cole slow on the side makes a fabulous meal.

“I love [the burger patties], and I pretty much hate all beans. They have a nice rich flavor, and you cannot taste the beans. They also have a very nice texture. All around thumbs up!”

Lysa, Plant Fueled Life member

Four words: Simple Queso Stuffed Potato. Take a light, fluffy baked potato and stuff it with black beans, spinach, tomato, radishes, and jalapeño, then smother it in Queso Blanco for a saucy, heavenly dinner the whole family will love.

“[Queso Blanco] is my favorite cheese sauce. We’ve drizzled it on tacos, used it as a dip for tortilla chips, and just eaten it right off the spoon. SO GOOD!”

Tabitha, Plant Fueled Life member

Our Herbed Lemon Quinoa Salad and Multigrain Baguette will have you glowing. Powerhouse quinoa, fresh veggies, and a creamy lemon dressing come together in this colorful salad. It’s served with a crisp toasted baguette on the side for a simply tasty spring meal.

New to batching?

Simple Low Fat Done Dirty

Busy week? Not much time to cook? Simple Low Fat Done Dirty has you covered. It’s also a low-fat plant based meal plan, but designed to help you get meals on the table fast. Enjoy delicious meals like the Tangy Hummus Quinoa Bowl all week long.

  1. Low Fat Eggless Egg Salad Lettuce Wraps and Lemony Apple Salad
  2. Mean Green Burger and Carrot Chips
  3. Tangy Hummus Quinoa Bowl
  4. Queso Blanco Tacos
  5. Herbed Lemon Quinoa Salad and Multigrain Baguette

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