Bluegrass Kentucky-inspired Plant Based Meals


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Bluegrass is our ode to the downhome, interesting, and delicious foods local to Kentucky. This family-friendly meal plans is 100% plant based and free of oil as well as overly-processed ingredients. Batch this baby and transport yourself all week long. 

Gourmet Plant Based Meal Plan

Kentucky Vegan Meals
Burgoo-inspired Vegan Stew with Crunchy Cucumber Slaw

Our Burgoo-inspired Stew with Crunchy Cucumber Slaw is hearty and filling, with lots of veggies in a savory broth. The slaw adds a refreshing crunch to make this meal crazy good.

Plant Based Kentucky Hot Brown and Dilly Green Beans

The Plant-powered Kentucky Hot Brown and Dilly Green Beans is our Dirty twist on the traditional open-faced sandwich from the Bluegrass State. This rich meal features golden brown seasoned tofu on toast with a decadent cauliflower mornay sauce and smoky crispy coconut served with tangy mustard and dill-seasoned green beans on the side. Yum!

“Outstanding in every way!”

Plant Fueled Life member

“The Dilly Green Beans from Bluegrass was a perfect way to use up my CSA share of fresh green beans. 😋 👍”

Plant Fueled Life member
Plant Based Kentucky Hot Brown and Dilly Green Beans

Benedictine is a classic sandwich with creamy cucumber spread inside, but we’ve taken that flavor profile and turned it into a fabulously fresh oil-free dressing for our Big Ass Benedictine Salad

“Loved this flavor combo. The salad dressing is delicious and unique.”

Lindsey Deal, Plant Fueled Life member
Big Ass Whole Food Plant Based Benedictine Salad

Don’t miss the Grain and Bean Goetta & Spiced Home Fries with Mornay Sauce. Goetta (pronounced “get-uh”) is a German breakfast sausage popular in parts of Ohio and Kentucky, and our version is made with delightfully seasoned grains and beans. Served with delicious roasted potatoes, onions, peppers, and drizzled with our creamy mornay sauce, this meal will make you think you’ve gone to heaven.

“We LOVED the goetta. Had never heard of it, but it is an amazing meatloaf-like dish.”

Plant Fueled Life member
Grain and Bean Goetta Spiced Home Fries with Dairy-Free Mornay Sauce

Embrace your inner Kentuckian with Smoky Southern Grits Bowl. Creamy grits are topped with a wonderfully smoky and saucy sauté of veggies & lima beans, plus fresh tomatoes, radishes, and a splash of hot sauce for a fantastic southern meal.

“This is so simple and filling. I love the polenta and the greens with cauliflower is so good. I will make this again for sure.”

Plant Fueled Life member

The grass is bluer over here

Simple Bluegrass

Simple Bluegrass is a streamlined meal plan featuring delicious meals like our Bluegrass Home Fries Bowl. This plan will fuel your body with plants, but won’t keep you in the kitchen. Hallelujah!

Simple Plant Based Kentucky Menu
  1. Burgoo-inspired Stew with Crunchy Cucumber Slaw
  2. Plant-powered Kentucky Hot Brown
  3. Big Ass Benedictine Salad
  4. Bluegrass Home Fries Bowl
  5. Smoky Southern Pasta Bowl

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