Malaysia Plant Based Meal Plan

Malaysian plant based vegan oil free meal plan

Malaysia is a plant based meal plan inspired by the eclectic, flavorful food of…you guessed it…Malaysia.

We have a connection to and love Malaysian food and culture as Luanne, our co-founder, is from Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia is seriously one of my top five plans!!

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The late Anthony Bourdain coined Malaysia the “food capital of the world.” In Malaysia, eating isn’t what you do because you’re hungry, eating is a national sport. For good reason. The population of Malaysia is over 32 million, and it’s a mix of Indian, Chinese, and local Malay people who originated from Java and other Polynesian islands. These three cultures each have their rich culinary history and influence. Put them together in one place, and you get an explosion of flavor you can’t get anywhere else on the planet.

Malaysia was colonized by the Portuguese (1511-1641), Dutch (1641-1815) and British (1815-1957) and they each left lasting legacies when it came to food, language, culture and traditions. To this day, there is a whole community and group of Kristang (Portuguese-Creole) people who have their own language (also known as Kristang) and traditions within Malaysia.

Otherwise known as an ethnic group called Serani, they are often affectionally known for their love of partying, drinking and dancing compared to the more conservative culture of the Malays and Chinese ethnic groups. When there’s a Serani hosting a party, rest assured, you’re gonna have a great time.

I truly believe Malaysia is one of the most epic plans in Plant Fueled Life!! ❤

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This menu kicks off with Curry Laksa, one of the national dishes. This staple varies greatly from one state to another, and people will often drive to another state just for the laksa. Our take on laksa features shiitakes, zucchini, kale, and green onions in a coconut broth made from a concentrated and delicious laksa paste.

Nasi Lemak is usually eaten for breakfast and is one of Luanne’s favorite meals. Traditionally served with egg, squid, and deep fried anchovies, our version is even better. Our plant based Nasi Lemak with Sweet & Salty Tempeh and Garlicky Bok Choy is served over coconut rice. You’ll even whip up your own sambal, a Malaysian chili paste, to use in this and other meals during the week. Yum!

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Siamese Mee Hoon, (Siam or Kingdom of Siam) is the old name for Thailand. The people of Siam were known as Siamese people. Siamese Mee Hoon is a simple yet deeply satisfying dish you can get in any Malaysian coffee shop. Mee hoon veggies are simple to prepare on meal night and served over noodles with turmeric-baked noodle strips. 

With such heavy Southern Chinese influence, Cauliflower Manchurian is super popular in Malaysia. Our Cauliflower Manchurian over Rice and Yee Sang Salad (Chinese New Year Prosperity Salad) is oil-free and crazy good. Prosperity salad is traditionally served at the beginning of every meal during Chinese New Year to bring luck for the coming year. 

Kampung means village, and our vegan Kampung Bowl is ready to feed your village. Or just you. Either way, you’ll love this bowl’s toasty, crunchy, sweet, and salty flavors and textures. Goodbye takeout!

Malaysia Plant Based Meal Plan Plant Fueled Life by Clean Food Dirty Girl
Vegan Dairy Free Curry Laksa
Plant Based Curry Laksa

Malaysia has been on my bucket list for a long time. The Curry Laska did not disappoint! Looking forward to the rest of the week!

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The Curry Laksa is one of my absolute favorites! So delicious! I keep a batch of the paste in my freezer for quick meals.

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Plant Based Nasi Lemak with Sweet & Salty Tempeh and Oil Free Garlicky Bok Choy
Nasi Lemak with Sweet & Salty Tempeh and Garlicky Bok Choy

Yum! One of the best plans! The Nasi Lemak cannot be missed! 🤤

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Vegan Dairy Free Siamese Mee Hoon Plant Based
Siamese Mee Hoon
Whole Food Plant Based Cauliflower Manchurian over Rice and Oil Free Yee Sang Salad Chinese New Year Prosperity Salad
Cauliflower Manchurian over Rice and Yee Sang Salad (Chinese New Year Prosperity Salad)

Last night’s dinner of Cauliflower Manchurian from Malaysia was another delicious feast! I knew I would be saving time during the week by batching on the weekend. However, I didn’t really realize how much time I’d also be saving by not having to figure out “what’s for dinner” every single night. We used to eat dinner around 8:30 pm. Now these amazing plant based dinners are served by 6:30 pm, and we have so much more family time in the evenings.

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Plant Based Vegan Kampung Bowl Malaysian Village Bowl
Kampung Bowl (Village Bowl)

Simple Malaysia

Love the idea of a Malaysian-inspired plant based meal plan but don’t have time for a long batch? Simple Malaysia is for you! With a simplified menu and streamlined recipes, you can have this baby batch cooked in about two hours. After that, meal nights are a breeze.

Simple Malaysian Vegan Meal Plan Plant Fueled Life by Clean Food Dirty Girl

Whole food plant based recipes include:

  1. Peanut-sauced Nasi Lemak
  2. Southeast Asia Big Ass Salad
  3. Turmeric Tofu & Veggie Wraps
  4. Noodly Miso Soup
  5. Village Veggie Rice Bowl

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Read more about Molly and Luanne’s travels to Malaysia here.

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