Our Story

Molly Patrick and Luanne Teoh are a married team who met in Oakland, CA in 2008. Luanne immigrated to the United States from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2002 with two suitcases and a one-way ticket. Molly was a San Francisco Bay Area transplant from a small town in New Mexico with a passion for helping people eat more plants.

Molly was drawn to Luanne’s feisty and straightforward attitude, and Luanne was drawn to Molly’s gentle nature and sailor’s mouth. They could make each other laugh like no one else. They became fast friends and eventually started dating. They always talked about starting an online business together, but they both had full-time jobs, so the idea was left simmering on the backburner.

It wasn’t an easy start and there was a steep learning curve, but they persevered and didn’t give up. At one point they were making a combined 0.50 cents an hour for almost two years. Luanne and Molly have a lot of differences, but some of their common traits are the ability to hustle and sheer determination.

In 2012, they made a pact that when their business became profitable, they would book a one-way ticket and move to Hawaii. This dream materialized in 2016 and they were married in 2017. They live in a beach town on Maui with their cat, Sweet Pea and three tortoises.

When they're not working, they travel the globe whenever possible.

Clean Food Dirty Girl

helps thousands of people all around the globe eat more plants while celebrating human imperfection. They have a kick-ass virtual staff located in various parts of the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Spain, Belgium, and New Zealand.

Clean Food Dirty Girl is profitable, fiercely independent and fully self-funded.