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CFDG is the most user-friendly meal plan system

I ate my first CFDG meal this evening! Prep and batch yesterday took about 4.5 hours from start through cleanup… I got 10K steps on my Fitbit and I barely left the house! I made…

Diane Haase
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Clean Food Dirty Girl Plant Based Meal Plan Review

I really wanted vegan meal recipes that were flavorful and could be batched. I joined the free Trial Plan and was blown away by how flavorful it was. So I signed up [for the Meal…

Susan E.
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delicious whole food plant based dinner

I now have much more confidence to invite people for dinner because I know the WFPB (whole food plant based) food I serve is delicious.

Anne-Marie Benthum
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Plant Based and Restaurant Worthy Meal Plans

Before the meal plans, I was buying frozen vegan entrees and burgers because chopping vegetables every night was exhausting after working all day.

Cynthia H.
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Plant Based Recipes that Even Meat Eaters Enjoy

I decided to change my diet to plant based and love the meal plans and recipes. Plant based recipes that even meat eaters enjoy. The variety makes it easy to stay on track. The flavorful…

Kathy Hill
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Vegan Meal Plan Reviews

The meal development is amazing and the recipes are so professional. They are five-star vegan restaurant quality. Everything is so well done.

Cristina G.
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Plant Based Recipes Reviews

Like eating at your favorite restaurant every night but way tastier and healthier!

Amanda Meuleners
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