CFDG Is the Most User-friendly Meal Plan System

CFDG is the most user-friendly meal plan system

I ate my first CFDG meal this evening! Prep and batch yesterday took about 4.5 hours from start through cleanup… I got 10K steps on my Fitbit and I barely left the house! I made a Meal Plan from last May because it sounded good and I wanted more days to plan for it.

I am so impressed with how the classroom is set up. The ability to customize the number of servings, the electronic grocery list that can be checked off item by item, the list of prep, the list of batching, and then the final bits to finish on the meal day. It’s the most user-friendly meal plan system I’ve seen! And, my first meal (artichoke cakes and a side of fruit) was tasty and satisfying…

The word that comes to mind about how I feel is “nourished.”

Diane Haase


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