Recap & Pictures from the Planted Expo Seattle 2024

Clean Food Dirty Girl at the Planted Expo Seattle 2024

Dirty vibes

That’s the best way I can explain the feeling I had when a Dirty from our community would be patiently waiting to chat it up with Tamie Spears and me at our Planted Expo booth. I’d never met them, but I knew they were our people.

Dirties at the Planted Expo

I’m Brittany from Team Dirty. I help with social media, design, writing, and more at this amazing company. I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 15 years, and when I heard about the Planted Expo coming to Seattle, I was all over it!

Tamie is one of our incredible recipe developers, AKA a Dirty Wizard, who flew in from Michigan to help (and see Dr. Greger, pic below 🤩). Together, we represented Clean Food Dirty Girl at the Planted Expo in Seattle on April 20th and 21st, 2024.

Our experience at the Planted Expo wasn’t so much about business as it was about community. 

We didn’t max out our servers with new memberships to our badass membership, Plant Fueled Life
But we maxed out on love from the members we met in person for the first time.

We didn’t speak on a podium or increase our following by 9,398 Instagram subscribers in one minute. 
But we spent quality time with hundreds of people, curious about what we do. 

We didn’t rent the biggest booth with tons of merch to sell or cookbooks to sign. 
But we had the biggest smiles when our incredible members stopped by our bright, beaming booth.

We didn’t have all of our team there to make friends with everyone in the building. 
But we did have a cutout of our fantastic co-founder, Molly Patrick, on a stick, ready for selfies. (So many people wanted to take her home!) 

So, without further ado, pack your bags and come to Seattle with us to revisit the Planted Expo.

Planted Expo Seattle SCC 2024
Let’s go! I drove into Seattle Friday afternoon to get our booth set up
After spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the correct parking garage, my patience was rewarded when security chauffeured me into a car elevator with all my stuff! How cool is this?
Clean Food Dirty Girl booth at the Planted Expo Seattle
A few hours later, the booth was ready to rock! Tamie, who flew in with her mom, stopped by a few hours later, and I showed them around. Then we all headed to bed, anticipating day one of the Planted Expo.
All ready at the Seattle Convention Ccenter for Clean Food Dirty Girl and Plant Fueled Life
Let day one begin!
Planted Expo Recap - Getting our Dirty on with Plant Fueled Life fans!
Some of our first Dirties of the day. The good vibes and smiles went all weekend.
Plant Fueled Life peeps
We loved giving out these bags to Dirties, who stopped by and got a picture with “Molly.” It’s the coolest bag in your closet! This is Sarah, Melissa, and Amanda.
Tamie, Mel, and Molly!
Diverse and loving community
This beautiful couple has supported us for quite some time and was featured in our Pride spotlight. We love our amazing, diverse community.
Vegan Plant based recipe developer Tamie Spears and Dirties
Nora, Tamie, and Beth. These Dirties stopped by both days and are big supporters of our company and mission. Thank you both!
Planted Expo Recap - Planted Expo Seattle Guests who love Clean Food Dirty Girl
Dirties from left to right: Allison, Syndi, and Jennifer.
Heather and Brittany Clean Food Dirty Girl
Me and Heather from our Facebook group. She lives in the area and is a fellow #TeenDirty momma. It was so great to meet her. She won a $100 gift card to PCC Community Markets and a three-month membership to Plant Fueled Life.
The happiest Planted Expo Guests
Jänis and a friend drove from Oregon to come to the Planted Expo. Jänis has been active in our group since 2018. Thanks for stopping by, ladies!
More Clean Food Dirty Girl Fans with Molly Patrick
Thank you all for taking pics with Molly. It really made her weekend.
Wicked Vegan and Molly Patrcik
Stacey from Wicked Vegan and her man were sooooo sweet. They heard Tamie and I mention that we hadn’t eaten all day since we were so busy talking up Plant Fueled Life. So, they opened at least five different bags of incredible dried food they’d gotten from a vendor, and let us sample so many different things. It was absolutely delicious and we are so grateful for them!
Planted Expo Clean Food Dirty Girl
Day two of the Planted Expo!
Planted Expo Prize Winners
Two of our many prize winners from day one! Check out Marlene’s Market & Deli if you’re in the South King County area, and try Rancho Gordo beans if you have a mouth! Such tasty prizes.
Dirties in the HOUSE!! Tara, Carmen, and Patricia.
Dirties in the HOUSE!! Tara, Carmen, and Patricia.
Dirty friends at our plant based event
Christine on the left was there as an exhibitor and a Dirty. And Carl, a special long-time friend of Molly’s, stopped by.
Dr Greger with Nutrition
It’s a Dr. Greger sandwich ← his words! From right to left: Tamie, our talented recipe developer, Dr. Greger, founder of, and Tamie’s sweet mom, who’s been cooking plants since before it was cool.

From the bottom of our 🧡🧡 hearts, thank you for supporting what we do. 

Tamie, thanks for coming all the way from Michigan. I would have lost my voice without you! And I’m so glad you brought your mom. What a beautiful experience to remember. 

Molly, thanks for supporting every facet of this event. 

Thank you to all the businesses who contributed to our prize packs

Rancho Gordo – I am obsessed with these heirloom beans! They require minimal soaking time and are so creamy. Learn more about what makes Rancho Gordo so badass, and try this incredible soup using their garbanzo beans.

Burlap & Barrel – These single-origin spices have excellent flavor. I really love their Black Garlic (good on everything) and Nyanza Vanilla Powder (levels up overnight oats and plant based banana bread).

Souper Cubes – I’m not the most organized, so when I found Souper Cubes sturdy freezer trays, I bought two sets! They are so handy for freezing batching leftovers from our plant based meal plans, pureed fruit from our PNW summer bounty, and all the sauces!

PCC Community Markets – This local co-op and organic grocery store chain started as a food-buying club in Seattle in 1953 and is a wonderful place to shop.

Plant Fueled Life – Our membership gives you access to over 4,600 recipes and 300 meal plans to keep you eating like a plant based boss all year!

Clean Food Dirty Girl – We’ll have stickers, shopping bags, and more so you can represent your Dirty, delicious life.

A special note from Tamie:
The Planted Expo was so amazing! Not only did I get to fly across the country and experience the event with my mom, I got to meet Dr. Michael Greger and a whole lot of Dirties and fun planty people. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to chat or to listen to us talk about our yummy recipes and meal plans. It was a blast! Can’t wait for the next Expo!

Were you at the Planted Expo in Seattle? If not, would you love to see Team Dirty at a future event? Talk to us in the comments below. 

Catch ya next time, Dirties. 


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