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How you doin'? We are flattered and blushing that you're interested in getting down and dirty with us.

Just have a few things before we take this rendezvous any further....

Advertising on Clean Food Dirty Girl

We've never run ads on our site and when something isn't broken, why fix it? While we appreciate that you feel we would be a perfect spot to place your ad, we don't want to bog down our Dirty crew with ads. Our community appreciates our ad-free site, and we appreciate them. So our no ad policy stands.

Product Endorsements

If we mention any products it's because we actually love them and not because we're being paid to love them. If you have something that would be "perfect" for us we will find you when the time is right, and we will make sweet product endorsing love ... at that time. Until then, hang tight, we will find you, don't come calling on us.

Guest Posts

Clean Food Dirty Girl is our baby. We created it, we will nurture it, and we will continue to feed it our content to make it big and strong. Should we be interested in you, you'll know it, because we will be knocking on your plant-lovin' door, ready to chat over a Turmeric Latté.

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Nope - don't even ask. #smooches


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