No Longer Willing to Settle

No longer willing to settle

There is nothing more inspiring than when someone reaches the point where they’re no longer willing to settle.

Not everyone reaches this point the same way. It takes different things for different people, but when someone catches a glimpse of their worth, stepping into their power isn’t far behind. 

It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you’re worthy, deserving, capable, and awesome. If you don’t see it, know it, and feel it, you will continue to settle for less than you deserve. 

  • You might allow others to control your life.
  • You might let people’s words make you feel small. 
  • You might ignore your body’s desire to move. 
  • You might disregard your instincts. 
  • You might stay with someone who doesn’t lift you up. 
  • You might eat in a way that doesn’t help you thrive. 
  • You might be manipulated or made to think you’ve done something wrong.  
  • You might make decisions based on someone else’s wants or needs. 
  • You might hold yourself back. 

To understand your magic isn’t so much a learning as it is a remembering.

You’ve always been magic, darling, and your worth is baked into your being. You just forgot along the way. Once you start to remember, watch out world, because nothing will stop you from living the life you most want.

Molly Patrick Quotes Remember You're Magic

As you get to know your worth, you will no longer allow people to control or manipulate you.

You will lovingly accept your body’s consistent request to move and be fueled with real food, not because you want a specific outcome, but because it’s what feels best. 

  • You will no longer allow people to make you feel small, less than, or badly about yourself. You will pay close attention to your instincts.
  • You will remove yourself from toxic environments and people and gravitate towards those who lift you up and vibe high with you.
  • You will make choices based on what you want.
  • You will stop holding yourself back from pursuing your dreams.
  • You will understand that other people’s behavior, actions, and words are a reflection of them, not you. 

You will stand in your power. You will stop settling. You will come alive. 

I don’t know when you’ll remember your magic or have a glimpse of your worth, but it’s right in front of you. And I am cheering you the fuck on.

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Here’s to making deliberate choices that will help us thrive.


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