Expand and Evolve During the 2023 Plant Fueled Reset

expand and evolve plant fueled reset

I believe that the point of life is to evolve. 

Life is always giving us opportunities to grow, stretch, and expand so that we have room to hold all it has to offer. 

These opportunities often take the form of challenging shit because we grow the most when we’re challenged

If life was a steady stream of feel-good where things happened exactly as we wanted, there would be no reason to expand and evolve because there would be no tension.

Tension is fuel for growth

What creates tension? 

Anything that we’re not okay with. It’s different for everyone, but here are some things that we might not be okay with at one point or another: 

  • A break up, separation, or divorce
  • The slow driver in front of us
  • Death  
  • Illness or injury
  • Someone making choices we don’t agree with
  • Struggling with addiction 
  • Getting fired 
  • Failing
  • Seeing someone you love suffer 
  • Kids leaving for college 
  • Getting older
  • Weather 

When something happens, and we want to push away rather than let it in, that, my friend, is tension 

Life has a funny way of personally delivering exactly the things that bring each one of us tension. Whether we like it or not (usually not), this is a constant phenomenon that happens to all of us. 

When these things come up, the most common and, understandably, instinctual reaction is to push back and turn to things that distract us.

Why? Because tension doesn’t feel good. It hits our stuff and reminds us that we are not, I repeat, we are not, in control. Reaching for distraction doesn’t change this, but it does bring temporary relief.

Temporary relief isn’t bad, it can actually be quite useful. But when you mistake temporary relief for a solution, your life will revolve around numbing instead of evolving

What if there was a way to create such stability in your life that even when the shit hits the fan, you are there for it?

You’re ready. Willing. Able to open up that big beautiful heart of yours and meet whatever challenges come your way. Not because it isn’t scary, but because it is scary. 

When you have a solid foundation of healthy habits and coping skills, the challenges in your life don’t hurt any less, but you experience them from a totally different perspective.

  • You see the opportunity to grow and evolve instead of reaching for distractions and pretending everything is fine.
  • You face your challenges, get through them, and are better because of them.
  • And you do this while loving yourself, honoring your body and mind, and giving yourself support at every turn. 

We can’t get through life unscathed, but we can use the hard stuff to our benefit instead of our detriment

I would love to show you how during my 2023 Plant Fueled Reset.

The Reset runs from January 7th until February 4th, 2023. If you want to expand and evolve with me, sign up today to secure your spot.


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