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Camping is a plant based meal plan designed for your outdoor adventures. Each meal has at-home instructions and grilling instructions where appropriate. Just follow the batch cooking list to prep the bulk of your plant based camping food, and pack everything in a cooler when you’re ready to hit the road. Ignite your culinary creativity with this delightful menu that’ll take your camping trip to the next level. Oh, and don’t forget the cookies (or bug spray)!

Gourmet Plant Based Meal Plan

Gourmet camping plant based meal plan
Creamy Oil Free Tuscan Pasta Salad Bowl

Our Creamy Tuscan Pasta Salad Bowl is a refreshing dish that combines al dente pasta, crisp veggies, and a luscious dressing. It’ll bring a burst of flavor to your camping experience and is the perfect way to kick off your outdoor fun.

I’ve been a subscriber for several years and have made many amazing dirty recipes. This is now in my top favorites. I served it at a family dinner and all (omnis and vegetarians) thought it was very good, and they took the leftovers!

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Grilled Veggie Vegan Kabobs with Packet Potatoes Broccoli

Fire up the grill and savor the mouth-watering aroma of grilled veggies while the kids catch fireflies. Our Grilled Veggie Kabobs are charred to perfection and served with easy grilled Packet Potatoes & Broccoli. You’ll remember this plant based camping feast for years.

This is a great recipe to prep ahead and easy to adapt based on your grilling options. I have taken this camping twice and have cooked the veggies on kebobs as in the recipe or in a grill basket on top of the grate over the fire. I throw the marinade and the veggies in a storage bag until ready to cook. The foil-wrapped potatoes can go on the grill or directly in the fire to free up space on the grill. Non-dirties can enjoy with the sauce or not (their loss), but the veggies and potatoes are a perfect side for any omni campfire meal. And this is one of my favorite [plant based] cheesy sauces!

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Open faced Breakfast Tofu Scramble Sandwiches with Fresh Berry Medley

Mornings in the woods are truly magical, and what better way to start your day than with Open-faced Breakfast Scramble Sandwiches? This hearty and satisfying breakfast features fluffy scrambled tofu and savory vegan cheesy sauce atop a slice of toasted bread. Pair it with fresh berries for a burst of natural sweetness—this breakfast will fuel you for hiking, kayaking, or spending time with the fam.

Portobello Vegan Steak Burgers Sweet Corn on the Cob and Veggies with Creamy Spinach Dip

Your fireside burgers just got an upgrade! Portobello Steak Burgers, Sweet Corn on the Cob and Veggies with Creamy Spinach Dip are sure to impress. Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy portobello steak burger, perfectly marinated and grilled in the fresh air. Grilled corn and a veggie medley are the perfect sides for this blue-ribbon burger. The finishing touch is our Creamy Spinach Dip for an extra burst of flavor!

Cheesy Campfire Plant Based Pizza Pockets and Summer Cucumber Salad

Who says you can’t enjoy pizza while camping? Not us! Cheesy Campfire Pizza Pockets and Summer Cucumber Salad is a kid-friendly meal the whole family will enjoy cooking over the campfire. Pair with a refreshing cucumber salad to balance the flavors and add a touch of coolness to your adventure.

I make these to fill my pizza craving so I don’t have to mess around with making crust. They’re AMAZING and you can add in whatever toppings you like.

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Jumbo Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

🍪 Bonus recipe alert! No camping trip is complete without a sweet treat to end the day. Indulge in the delight that is our Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies. These oversized cookies, with their crispy edges and gooey centers, are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth and create lasting memories. You won’t believe they’re oil and dairy-free!

The best healthy chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had!

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Love these! They also work well as breakfast or energy bar. 🙂

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This is my go-to cookie recipe to keep my cookie monster (aka the husband) happy

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Nature is calling

Simple Camping

Simplicity is key when out in the wilderness. Simple Camping is a time-saving plant based meal plan that allows you to focus on what matters most—enjoying nature with loved ones. With minimal preparation and delicious meals like the Cheesy Roasted Rainbow Veggie Bowl, you’ll save time without compromising on taste and nutrition. So, pack your camping gear, gather your ingredients, and embark on an outdoor culinary adventure. 

simple plant based menu
  1. Creamy Tuscan Pasta Salad Bowl
  2. Cheesy Roasted Rainbow Veggie Bowl
  3. Open-faced Breakfast Sandwiches with Everything Bagel Seasoning
  4. Portobello Steak Salad with Almond Dressing
  5. Cheesy Campfire Pizza Pockets and Summer Cucumber Salad

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Happy camping and bon appétit!

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