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Sauce lovers UNITE! #SauceBoss is a sexy, sassy, sumptuous plant based Meal Plan loaded with sauciness. With a wide range of plant-powered textures and flavors, we’ll celebrate National Meatball Day, National Ranch Dressing Day, and National Eat Your Noodles Day in typical delicious Dirty-style!

There are no set rules to batching or following our plant based meal plans.

Rockstar meal plan tester, Chazz, batch cooked this Gourmet plan in 2 hours and 20 minutes and had this to report:

  • We loved the sauciness (and heartiness) of this week, but the real star was the Caprese-inspired Smack-a-roni & Cheese with Tangerine & Olive Salad!
  • Heads up that the Creamy Rice & Broccoli Bake will take about an hour to bake on Monday night, so plan accordingly.

Chazz is a batching expert so it may take you a little longer to rock your batch. Some people like to break up batching across multiple days, or follow the Prep List one day and cook the next. Or you can always take it easy and follow the Simple plan. The classroom is flexible and you are the Dirty boss!

Are you ready to get saucy? Meet us over in your classroom and let’s do this! Not a Meal Plan subscriber yet? You can subscribe right here and you’ll get access to #SauceBoss and SimpleSauceBoss (and every other Clean Food Dirty Girl plant based Meal Plan) immediately!


Gourmet Plant Based Menu

#SauceBoss Menu
Creamy Rice & Broccoli Bake
Creamy Rice & Broccoli Bake
Double-sauced Plant-powered  Meatball Sub with Veggie Chips & Dip
Double-sauced Plant-powered Meatball Sub with Veggie Chips & Dip
Spicy BBQ Chickpea Mini  Meatballs & Rice Bowl
Spicy BBQ Chickpea Mini Meatballs & Rice Bowl
Caprese-inspired Smack-a-roni & Cheese with Tangerine & Olive Salad
Caprese-inspired Smack-a-roni & Cheese with Tangerine & Olive Salad
easoned Rice with Roasted  Mushrooms & Cauliflower and  Saucy Beans
Seasoned Rice with Roasted Mushrooms & Cauliflower and Saucy Beans

Simple Sauce Boss

Plant Based & Gluten Free Menu

Our Simple Meal Plans are inspired by our Gourmet Meal Plans. They are gluten-free and quicker to batch. SimpleSauceBoss is still saucy and delicious, but with minimal effort. You’re gonna love the tasty simplicity of the Saucy Black Bean Bowl and the Sweet Potato Steaks. Both the Simple and the Gourmet plans are loaded up in the classroom waiting for you to enjoy.

Gluten-free meals in this plan include:

  • Sweet Potato Steaks and Slaw Plate
  • Chickpea Salad Sandwich
  • BBQ Ranch Bowl
  • Avocado Ranch Tacos
  • Saucy Black Bean Bowl
simple sauce boss plant based meal plane

P.S. Take a look at our subscribers’ love for #SauceBoss!

“If you are contemplating batching #SauceBoss please do yourself a favor and just start the car, get the groceries and get at it.

We have not had one meal this week that the kids have not completely devoured. ??????!”

Plant Fueled Life Member

#SauceBoss is so, so good you guys. I’m in love with this menu. My kids ate it up, no questions asked. My honey commented on how good the tomato sauce was. I scarfed mine then sat back and enjoyed a happy belly. Will definitely be batching this again!”

Plant Fueled Life Member

“First time subscriber ☺️ I batched #SauceBoss last week and it was amazing! Next time I need to double the meatballs they were so good.

Putting dinner together every evening was a breeze, I even had time and energy to go for a post work run twice during the week ?”

Plant Fueled Life Member

#SauceBoss was delicious! I never got to the Smack-A-Roni, so I prepped it with chickpea pasta and froze to have for lunch this week. I’m all over the place but still eating all the plants! I love the flexibility with the meal plans.”

Plant Fueled Life Member

“Last night’s dinner from SimpleSauceBoss – I am in LOVE with the roasted sweet potato steaks and ranch slaw!!! I think I had tears in my eyes when I was finished eating – I wanted MORE goodness. But I knew better than to stuff myself full. Oh the joy of finally learning to stop eating just before I’m full – and oh the pain of just wanting that taste to never stop!”

Plant Fueled Life Member

Let's get batching!

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