Verde Plant Based Meal Plan

Verde Plant Based Meal Plan Vegan Oil-Free

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Celebrate all things green with Verde, a plant based meal plan packed with gourmet flavor. With meals free of meat, dairy, eggs, oil, or overly processed ingredients, these meals will nourish your body and soul.  

Gourmet Plant Based Meal Plan

Verde Plant Based Meal Plan Vegan Oil-Free
Lemony Broccoli Dairy Free Alfredo

Start things off with Lemony Broccoli Alfredo, a bowl of decadent, creamy fettuccine noodles with a hint of lemon topped with tender veggies and cheesy Walnut Parm. This meal is loaded with flavor and texture!

“I absolutely love this entire portal! One of my favorite aspects is to be able to sort by whatever I need (type of meal, type of food, on hand ingredients). I’ve found nothing else even close to the flavors of this food using no oil or animal products. I’m lucky to have found you [Plant Fueled Life] all those years ago.”

Jennifer Miller, Plant Fueled Life member
Avocado Vegan Ranch Cobb Salad

The Avocado Ranch Cobb Salad is a fun twist on the traditional cobb salad, featuring southern “fried” soy curls, fresh veggies, and a fabulous, restaurant-style avocado lime ranch dressing. Think your family won’t be excited about a salad for dinner? Think again!

Cheesy Green Chile Whole Food Plant Based Black Bean Enchiladas

Our Cheesy Green Chile & Black Bean Enchiladas are an ooey-gooey delight with a kick of heat from Green Chile Sauce. Topped with mixed greens, onion, and cilantro for fresh, bright flavor.

“I have my recipes and my shopping list all in one place now, on my phone right in my pocket, and I can make changes to either any time my little heart desires.”

Lynda Howard, Plant Fueled Life member
Spring Oil Free Vegetarian Minestrone and Pita Dippers with Avocado Lime Ranch

The Spring Minestrone is brimming with savory spring vegetables and served alongside crispy pita chips and tangy Avocado Lime Ranch for dipping. It’s a family-friendly plant based meal that hits all the right spots! 

WFPB Healthy Green Goddess Sammie and Minty Melon Salad

Close out your week with a Green Goddess Sammie and Minty Melon Salad. All the fabulous flavors of green goddess dressing you love are packed into a toasted sandwich and accompanied by a sweet and minty melon salad. Not only is this meal delicious, it’s also quick and easy!

No need to be green with envy

Simple Verde

Full of similar fresh green flavors, Simple Verde is your answer to busy weeks or when you’re craving something less elaborate. The menu is streamlined to help you create healthy food fast. And with incredible meals like Green Chile & Black Bean Tacos, what’s not to love?

Simple Verde Batch Cooking Plant Based Meal Plan

Simple Verde Vegan Meal Plan

  1. Big Ass Avocado Lime Ranch Salad
  2. Lemony Broccoli Alfredo
  3. Green Chile & Black Bean Tacos
  4. Spring Minestrone and Celery Sticks with Avocado Lime Ranch
  5. Green Goddess Sammie and Minty Melon Salad

The grass is greener on the other side

There are lots of vegan meal plans recipes out there, but our members consistently tell us that ours taste the best. No matter your reason for cutting out meat and dairy, the food you eat should be delicious and inspiring. Sign up for our free 10-day trial to try meal plans like these and see just how tasty plant based eating can be.

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