Sunny Plant Based Meal Plan


Sunny is a mouthwatering plant based meal plan full of bright flavors and colorful meals. Named for its generous use of sunflower seeds, it features these versatile seeds used in lots of different ways.

Sunny knocked it out of the park this week! I feel like each plan I try just gets better and better. I don’t even have the words to express what all of this means to me. It is WAY more than just about food. So many areas of my life are changing for the better through this process.

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High in protein, thiamine, iron, magnesium, and vitamins B6 and E, sunflower seeds are a fantastic source of naturally occurring fats. We love to use them whole as well as blended to make incredibly tasty and satisfying sauces, like our Sunny Side Up Sauce, a member favorite! 

Sunny is my go-to meal plan! That Sunny Side Up Sauce is so damn good on EVERYTHING! I double batch. 🤩

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This plan has something for everyone with a veggie-packed grits bowl, simply delicious tacos, a packed panini, sunshine-soaked soup, and a crazy good breakfast sandwich. Plus, it’s free of meat, dairy, eggs, oil, and highly processed ingredients, so you know it will fuel your body and support your health with these plant based meals

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Cajun Fire-roasted Grits & Veggies Bowl

The Italian cheese?? Are you kidding me?! So fucking delicious!

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Penny Pincher Poblano & Roasted Potato Tacos

GLORY HALLELUJAH! We absolutely LOVED the Penny Pincher Poblano & Roasted Potato Tacos from Sunny.

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Holy Mother of All Things Mind Blowing, those roasted potatoes are The BOMB!! They are becoming a weekly staple in this house! 🥔🧡🥔

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Sunny Italian Panini and Quick Pasta Salad

I put that Sunny Side Up Sauce on everything. 😝

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Tomato Basil Vegetable Soup and Sunshine Salad
Bomb-diggity Breakfast Bagel-wich and Banana-berry Fruit Salad

I am in love with the Sunny Side Up Sauce.

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Simple Sunny

Simple Sunny is an equally delicious but pared-down meal plan that allows you to get healthy food on the table fast. You’ll love the Zucchini & Peppers Pasta Bowl!

Simple Sunny Plant Based Meal Plan Plant Fueled Life

Whole food plant based recipes include:

  1. Sunny Italian Panini
  2. Penny Pincher Poblano & Roasted Potato Tacos
  3. Zucchini & Peppers Pasta Bowl
  4. Tomato Basil Vegetable Soup and Cheesy Italian Toast
  5. Summer Sunshine Salad

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