Minimalist Plant Based Meal Plan


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Minimalist is a plant based meal plan that celebrates simplicity. All of the recipes in this plan are quick and easy for a breezy week of delicious flavors. Enjoy a new twist on tacos plus stuffed peppers with luscious cream sauce, a baked tofu Caesar sandwich, and a flavorful Vietnamese noodle bowl.

What’s on the gourmet menu this week

Minimalist Plant Based Meal Plan
Roasted Oil Free Kabocha Tacos

The Roasted Kabocha Tacos are proof that uncomplicated can be incredibly tasty. Seasoned roasted kabocha squash, our popular Cauliflower Cream sauce, sautéed chard, and avocado in a warm corn tortilla come together for this satisfying meal. So easy. So divine.

Made the Roasted Kabocha Tacos last night. It was heavenly.

Plant Fueled Life member
Dairy Free Carrot Ginger Soup with Avocado-kraut Toast

Carrot Ginger Soup, with the sweetness of carrots and zing of ginger, is served alongside Avocado-kraut Toast (avocado toast topped with tangy sauerkraut). Don’t knock it until you try it, it’s a Plant Fueled Life member fave for a reason!

I just had the Carrot Ginger Soup for breakfast. SO GOOD.

Plant Fueled Life member
Baked Tofu Caesar Sandwich with Tomato Mint Salad

Caesar dressing takes our Baked Tofu Caesar Sandwich above and beyond delicious with garlicky baked tofu, tomato, and lettuce on toasted bread. Serve a refreshing Tomato Mint Salad on the side for a delightful meal.

Stuffed Baked Peppers with Dairy Free Cauliflower Cream and Caesar Salad

Smoky, tomato-y beans are tucked into sweet bell peppers and baked until tender, then served with a creamy sauce in our Stuffed Baked Peppers with Cauliflower Cream. Caesar salad is the perfect side dish. Yum. 

I made and ate Stuffed Baked Peppers on Sunday…they were soooo good with the Cauliflower Cream. I just went out and bought more peppers for another meal this week.

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The Stuffed Baked Peppers are super delicious and get better after a day or two (if they last).

Plant Fueled Life member
Tofu Noodle Bowl with Vegan Creamy Mint Dressing

Tofu Noodle Bowl with Creamy Mint Dressing is our take on a popular Vietnamese dish (aka bun, pronounced “boon”). It features tender rice noodles topped with cucumber and carrot, garlicky sesame soy baked tofu, and a creamy dressing made with fresh mint, garlic, and ginger. This swoon-worthy meal hits all the right spots!

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Simple Minimalist plant based meal plan

Simple Minimalist is also a quick and easy plan with no side dishes and even more streamlined recipes for a super fast batch. Plus, enjoy eclectic flavors like a Mediterranean Pasta Salad Bowl, Peanutty Tofu Wraps, and Creamy Butternut Bisque. 🤤 Take it for a spin and see how easy it is to get healthy and satisfying dinners on the table all week long.

Simple Minimalist Plant Based Meal Plan

Simple plant based recipes include:

  1. Roasted Kabocha Tacos
  2. Creamy Butternut Bisque
  3. Baked Tofu Caesar Sandwich
  4. Peanutty Tofu Wraps
  5. Mediterranean Pasta Salad Bowl

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