Spring Celebration Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plan


Spring Celebration is a whole food plant based meal plan full of scrumptious meals featuring spring veggies and vibrant flavors. These healthy recipes for spring will set you up for springtime gatherings with a plant based spin.

The Spring Veggie Bread Pudding and Tex Mex Breakfast Hash are topped with Smoky Gouda Plant Based Cheesy Sauce, one of the most beloved sauces from our Recipe Vault. It’s not to be missed.

Plant-Powered Mini Meatloaves are a personal-size treat perfect for a get-together, served alongside amazing Basil-Scented Barley.

I haven’t batched for a while, but today my daughter and I batched Spring Celebration. The Spring Veggie Bread Pudding was soooo good. My daughter initially turned her nose up at it, but after tasting the Smoky Gouda Cheesy Sauce, she relented and tried it. Her reaction was wonderful. She said, “Mum I must have this again!” I love it when she is enthusiastic about food. 👍😁

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Finally, achieve all your plant based dreams with a delicious bonus recipe for Deviled Tomato Bites. Your perfect springtime celebration menu awaits in Plant Fueled Life!

Spring Celebration Gourmet Meal Plan

Plant Based Spring Meal Plan
Dairy Free Garlicky Smashed Potatoes with Herbed Veggies and Walnut Parm
Garlicky Smashed Potatoes with Herbed Veggies and Walnut Parm

The Garlicky Smashed Potatoes are my go-to for potlucks! So good.

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Spring Vegan Bread Pudding with Fresh Fruit Salad
Spring Veggie Bread Pudding with Fresh Fruit Salad

I had the Spring Veggie Bread Pudding last night: yum. Then, had it cold for lunch today. OMFG even better.

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Plant-Powered Mini Meatloaves, Basil-Scented Barley and Spring Salad
Plant-Powered Mini Meatloaves, Basil-Scented Barley and Spring Salad
Tex Mex Breakfast Hash over Cannellini Scramble with Smoky Gouda and Salsa Fresca
Tex Mex Breakfast Hash over Cannellini Scramble with Smoky Gouda and Salsa Fresca
Dirty BLT and Lemony Barley Salad
Dirty BLT and Lemony Barley Salad
Deviled Tomato Bites
Deviled Tomato Bites

Simple Spring Celebration Meal Plan

Simple Spring Celebration is a streamlined whole foods meal plan highlighting beautiful produce like carrots, baby arugula, mushrooms, and peas. This plan features easy recipes for spring holiday gatherings with loved ones. If you want to put a spring in your step in half the time, you’ll love this meal plan.

Simple. Wizard. Plans. These take the thinking out of meal planning. I needed a way to make the transition require less mental energy, and the meal plans do that. I love the grocery list feature.

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Gluten-free meals in this plan include:

  1. Mushroom-smothered Smashed Potatoes
  2. Fresh Herb Avocado Pasta
  3. Roasted Carrot Bisque and Simple Steamed Green Beans
  4. Seaside Salad-stuffed Tomatoes
  5. Big Beautiful Salad
Simple Plant Based Easter Meal Plan

Hop into your kitchen

Which Spring Celebration plant based meal plan will you cook? These plans and hundreds of others are available to Plant Fueled Life members. All our recipes and plans are free of meat, dairy, eggs, oil, and highly processed ingredients.

More healthy spring meal plans

More healthy recipes for spring

If you don’t have the time to cook an entire meal plan, you’ll love our Recipe Vault. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s waiting for you:

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