#Ambrosia Plant Based Meal Plan

Ambrosia Plant Based Meal Plan

A Taste of Paradise!

#Ambrosia means “something very pleasing to taste or smell,” and that’s what you’ll be experiencing all week long with this yummy Meal Plan. You’ll journey to an ambrosial paradise with tempting flavors, interesting textures, and enticing aromas.

We’ll celebrate National Taco Day (Oct. 4th) as we chow down on Crispy Nugget Tacos with Pico de Gallo and National Noodle Day (Oct. 6th) by gobbling up Veggie Toficken Delight Lo Mein.

AND! There’s also a totally-swoon-worthy Ambrosia Fruit Salad bonus recipe that’ll zing your taste buds and knock you out with flavor.

Kellie, CFDG’s Director of Operations, tested this week’s plan and had this to say:

“A delicious week where meal nights were quick and came together easily.”

Batching took 3 hours, but I know Chazz or Wendy could have easily accomplished it in under 2½ hours. I don’t consider myself a particularly quick batcher, I’m more on the slow and meticulous side. For a quicker but just as tasty option, we have you covered with #SimpleAmbrosia.

That is such a good reminder to all of us. Batching is not a competition, and we all tackle it at our own speed and in our own way. In fact, there are many different ways to approach batching. Some of us batch a plan all at once while others spread it out over a few days. Some of us do the full prep list, and some of us don’t. There are no rules!

We can’t wait for you to try out that bonus recipe. Kellie was singing its praises as she finished off a big old bowl of it during a recent staff meeting. That Dirty devil had us drooling ALL OVER Zoom!

Are you ready for foodie paradise? Grab your snazziest apron, turn on some show tunes, belt out a happy “hallelujah!” and meet us in your classroom.


Gourmet Plant Based Menu

CFDG Plant Fueled Meal Plan Ambrosia WFPB Menu
crispy vegan nugget tacos with pico de gallo and juicy pear slices
Crispy Nugget Tacos with Pico de Gallo and Juicy Pear Slices
WFPB Roasted Garlic Jalapeno Hummus Flatbreads and Poppin Cucumber Salad
Roasted Garlic Jalapeno Hummus Flatbreads and Popp’n Cucumber Salad
veggie toficken delight lo mein
Veggie Toficken Delight Lo Mein
Herby Bean Farro Soup and Veggies Chips Sticks Dip
Herby Bean & Farro Soup and Veggie Chips, Sticks & Dip
strawberry broccoli bowl with lemony poppy seed dressing oil free
Sweet Strawberry & Crisp Broccoli Bowl with Lemony Poppy Seed Dressing
Whole Food Plant Based Ambrosia Salad
Bonus: Ambrosia Fruit Salad


Plant Based & Gluten Free Menu

Our Simple Meal Plans are inspired by our Gourmet Meal Plans. They are gluten-free and quicker to batch. #SimpleAmbrosia is still tasty and loaded with ALL the flavors, but with minimal effort. Both the Simple and the Gourmet plans are loaded up in the classroom waiting for you to cook and NOM!

  • Orange Curry Toficken Tacos
  • Herbed Millet Curry Bowl
  • Vegetable Toficken Noodles
  • Savory Vegetable Millet Soup
  • Loaded Cruciferous Salad with Orange Curry Dressing
CFDG #SimpleAmbrosia Simple Plant Based Meal Plan

Team Dirty

P.S. Take a look at this subscriber’s love for a happy healthy win!

“I batch a week behind so it was #ambrosia for me today and oh em gee! 😍 The roasted garlic jalapeño hummus was so good I didn’t want to lose any to my Vitamix. After scraping as much as I could put, I used flatbread to soak up every little bit on the inside. The soup smelled so good cooking, I can’t wait to try it. We had the Veggie Lo Mein for dinner tonight and it is taking every bit of will power I have to not dish up seconds! This is going to be a repeat plan for my household for sure. Oh and it didn’t take long to batch either! ❤️”

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

“So glad I batched this week, including large portions of the noodles and soup. Delicious!!! Couldn’t get farro so I subbed quinoa in the soup and it’s still amazing. Go Team Dirty!”

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

“I have to get in one more post for #ambrosia as I finish my leftovers. The roasted garlic jalapeño hummus flatbread was so delicious and so easy. I could eat this every day. I have to admit when I read the meal night prep instructions and saw the squeeze of lemon juice it made me say hmmm, but I tried it and immediately said yummm! #trustteamdirty”

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

“I just want to say this is so amazing! I just joined last week and this was my first try at batch cooking, #ambrosia – every meal hit it out of the park with my family members. None of them are 100% WFPB, but I do all the cooking and they eat what I make. This was the first week I didn’t get any complaints. 😁 The best part is, I actually think I can do this long term and enjoy it! Thank you CFDG!”

Plant Fueled Meal Plan Subscriber

Let's get to batching!

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