Get Lucky New Year’s Eve Plant Based Meal Plan 

Get Lucky New Year's Eve Plant Based Meal Plan

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Get Lucky is a global-inspired New Year’s plant based meal plan created with luck, good fortune, health, and prosperity in mind. It’s perfect for your New Year’s celebrations.

What’s on the gourmet menu this week

Vegan New Years Even Plan Plant Fueled Life

Put your taste buds on alert for Thai-Ger Personal Pizzas. This uniquely different, incredibly delicious meal consists of English muffins with peanut and Thai chili sauces, sesame garlic tofu, cheesy sauce, basil, jalapeño, and roasted red bell peppers. It’s served with a tangy Cucumber & Carrot Salad.

These are little bites of heaven, slightly sweet and spicy and 100% satisfying. One of my top 10 favorite meals!

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Our Lucky Curry Lentil & Black Eyed Pea Salad is made with curry lentil and black eyed pea salad, fresh avocado and cilantro, and crunchy almonds. So delicious it just might change your luck.

You’ll want to make Cozy Cabbage Soup and Golden Herb Cornbread your go-to comfort meal. This veggie-loaded soup features seasoned lentils and a tasty spice blend for hearty texture and flavor. Paired with moist and tender cornbread, it’s a belly-warming meal you won’t forget.

Wow your party guests with our Swiss Cheese Fondue Platter. This amazing plant based platter is made with ultra-creamy Swiss cheesy fondue sauce and an assortment of dippers, including cornbread cubes, baked tofu cubes, roasted potatoes, blanched asparagus, and fresh veggies. Yum!

Wow! This recipe blew me away for how good it was, although I shouldn’t be surprised because Clean Food Dirty Girl recipes fall nothing short of gourmet delicious yumminess!

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Get lucky with this meal plan

Finally, our Orange Broccoli Longevity Bowl with Quickie Peanut Sauce is oh-so-satisfying. Tender noodles are topped with orange sauce, veggies, sesame garlic baked tofu, and luscious peanut sauce. Then the whole shebang is sprinkled with fresh basil and green onion.

Simple Get Lucky New Year’s Eve Plant Based Meal Plan

Simple Get Lucky is flavorful and easy to prepare. Meals like Sunny Roasted Potato & Kale Bowl are streamlined to help you get healthy dinners on the table fast. You’ll have lots of time left to spend with family and friends as you ring in the New Year. Cheers!

Healthy New Years Eve Plan Dairy and Oil Free

New Year’s vegan meal plan recipes include:

  1. Lucky Orange Lentil & Chickpea Salad
  2. Garlicky Baked Tofu Mini Pizzas with Cucumber Slices
  3. Sunny Roasted Potato & Kale Bowl
  4. Warm & Cozy Kale & Cabbage Soup with Baguette
  5. Simple Nut-free Swiss Cheese Fondue Platter

Resolutions not required

Many people celebrate the New Year by choosing lofty and ambitious New Year’s resolutions. If that’s how you get down, then more power to you. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need resolutions or a new year to get healthy. All you need is the determination to change…and a helping hand never hurts.

Plant Fueled Life can be that for you. Members enjoy unlimited access to thousands of healthy, delicious plant based recipes, hundreds of incredible meal plans like these, and so much more. Sign up for a free 10-day trial to get your year started on the right foot.

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