Meet The Dirty Girl Team


Molly Patrick

Co-Founder - Resident Plant Based Expert

Welcome To Everything You Need For Your Plant Based Journey. Minus The Attitude.

Come in and get comfy.

I take the boring out of  healthy and the preachy out of vegan. Because there's too much of both in the world. 

Specializing in the Whole-Food Plant-Based diet, I help people eat more whole plant food and less of everything else.

I have a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University in conjunction with the T. Colin Campbell Foundation.

What gets me hot is helping people prevent illness and disease with the food they eat so they don't have to treat illness and disease because of the food they eat.

This website is dedicated to helping people eat better, regardless of their current diet. To get in on the action, sign up for my Saturday Fuckeries here, and join our private Facebook group here.

And here's a fun fact: I grew up in a teepee with no running water or electricity (in the U.S.) <-- Not a joke


Meghann Milton

Hey there, I'm Meghann Milton and I help awesome coaches and entrepreneurs to continue growing their businesses by providing online marketing support, project management, content writing, and general all around right-hand woman stuff (even though I'm actually a lefty)! 
I live with my husband and three nutty rescue dogs in the sunny and weird (in a good way) Austin, TX area. In my free time you can find me whipping up delicious concoctions in the kitchen, reading, spending time in nature or enjoying a good snooze.

Christine June

Hello there! I’m Christine. I’m an artist/photographer who’s been vegan since 2010 and whole-food-plant-based since early 2016 when Molly helped steer me away from over-processed faux meat and cheese.

Most of my career paths have something to do with food: Recipe tester, a former vegan food blogger, owner of an organic veggie dog treat company, I managed farmers’ markets, and I’ve also been a grade school art teacher.

I also happen to be a mom of two amazing little kids who challenge and rattle me to my soul each and every day. I adore them, but they are the cause for most of the swears that come from my mouth! Proud mom moment: When my oldest (7yrs) fiercely defends why he doesn’t eat meat or dairy.


Luanne Teoh

Co-Founder - Business Manager & Strategy

I'm am the only not plant based person on the team. As a co-founder of a whole-food plant-based company, it allows me to explore a whole different way of eating and a healthier lifestyle. I want to help make the world a better place and sharing our work is one way I can make a difference in people's lives.

I'm always inspired by food, travel and funny people.

Random facts: I've lived on 3 continents and speak 5 languages (but none of them all that well)