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Get access to these tasty plant based meal plans.

Say goodbye to bland meals and hello to the vibrant flavors of the Southwest with Sizzlin’ Southwest. This plant based meal plan isn’t just healthy and oil-free—it’s also bursting with deliciousness. Plus, the spice level of the meals is completely customizable, so the whole family will love it!

Each Plant Fueled Life meal plan contains

  • A detailed grocery list. An interactive list broken down by department, so no more aimless wandering through the grocery store. 
  • An optional prep list. This step-by-step list guides you through pre-cooking tasks, meaning less chaos in the kitchen and more confidence. 
  • Batching directions. Our easy-to-follow batching instructions will help you efficiently prepare your meals’ base components, meaning the bulk of the cooking for the week is done.
  • Meal night directions. Simple instructions ensure every dish is plated to perfection, ready to tantalize your taste buds.

Gourmet Plant Based Meal Plan

 Poblano Pepper & Sweet Corn Fritters with Guacamole and Southwest Ranch Slaw

Tantalize your taste buds with our Poblano Pepper & Sweet Corn Fritters. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these fritters are packed with the perfect balance of heat from poblano peppers and sweetness from corn. Paired with creamy guacamole and a zesty new southwestern-inspired slaw, it’s a flavor explosion you won’t soon forget.

“I have been a member since July 2017! I have loved to see Molly and team grow and evolve. I love the way of eating, recipes and community!”

Heidi Hawthorne, Plant Fueled Life member
Fiesta Potatoes & Black Bean Tostadas

Our Fiesta Potatoes & Black Bean Tostadas are hearty and satisfying. Easy, homemade tostadas are piled high with crispy potatoes, a spicy cheesy spread, protein-packed black beans, and all the fixins. It’s a fiesta for your taste buds!

Soy Curl Tinga & Citrus Cilantro Rice Bowl

The flavor train keeps rolling with the Soy Curl Tinga & Citrus Cilantro Rice Bowl. Tinga is a spicy Mexican dish traditionally made with chicken and canned chipotle chiles in adobo sauce. Our spin features soy curls in a delicious chipotle-spiced sauce served over rice with creamy Southwest Ranch Dressing and fresh vegetables. It’s a bowl full of goodness that will satisfy and energize.

Fancy Fire-roasted Tomato Soup and Queso Crostini

Cozy up with a bowl of our Fancy Fire-roasted Tomato Soup. This soup is elevated with the smoky goodness of fire-roasted tomatoes and topped with seasoned rice and avocado. Don’t forget the Queso Crostini! These toasted bread slices are topped with cheesy goodness and tomatoes—comfort food with a kick.

Citrusy cilantro rice, black beans, and a pepperjack-style cheesy spread come together to fill our Sizzlin’ Southwest Stuffed Peppers. Served with mixed greens and salsa verde, this is a crazy-good meal you’ll be craving again.

New to batching?

Simple Sizzlin’ Southwest

Two words: Guacamole Macaroni. It’s one of the meals from Simple Sizzlin’ Southwest, a streamlined plant based meal plan that’s designed to get you in and out of the kitchen fast. It’s a genius fusion meal that can be served hot or cold. Yum!

  1. Guacamole Macaroni
  2. Jacked Up Black Bean Tostadas
  3. Soy Curl Tinga & Citrus Cilantro Rice Bowl
  4. Fancy Fire-roasted Tomato Soup and Queso Crostini
  5. Southwest Ranch Big Ass Salad

Turn up the heat

Ready to spice up your meals and serve incredible tasting plant based foods your family can’t get enough of? Sign up for a free trial and check out Plant Fueled Life today. 

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